PlanToConnect / 2022-2025

PlanToConnect / 2022-2025


Promoting ecological connectivity is an important option to enable dynamic adaptation processes in ecosystems, and thus to combat the decline in biodiversity and preserve ecosystem functions, especially in view of the changing climatic conditions. While protected areas are well established, their connection through green and blue infrastructure/ecological corridors suffers from significant planning gaps, missing implementation and emerging threats, such as renewable energy production.

An overarching connectivity planning concept guiding corridor implementation across alpine regions is currently missing. Therefore, regional networks, including design of corridors, need to be harmonized and planning systems upgraded to move from conventional land-use planning to more ecosystem function approaches. Know-how and experience developed by PlanToConnect and from previous Alpine Space projects (e.g. ALPBIONET2030, OpenSpaceAlps) will be applied to, and tested in, ecological network planning in the partner regions, a step towards the development of a coherent network of green and blue infrastructures throughout the Alpine Space. 

PlanToConnect is integrated into ALPARC’s field of work Biodiversity and Ecological Connectivity.


Overall objective

PlanToConnect aims to support the creation of a coherent alpine-wide network of green and blue infrastructures (GBI) for ecological connectivity (EC) based on harmonized regional networks under a common alpine planning strategy for EC. To improve the capacity of planners and planning systems to effectively address connectivity gaps, barriers and major threats in strategic alpine connectivity areas by operationalizing biodiversity and connectivity concepts into spatial planning and territorial policies.


General Outputs

  • Mapping report of priority connectivity areas for spatial planning and GBI typology catalogue
  • Interactive visualisation and story maps
  • Guide on procedural steps regarding GBI network planning
  • Planning instruments and processes for GBI network planning and implementation
  • GBI network governance arrangements / management plan
  • Technical proposal for implementing GBI connectivity networks in spatial plans of pilot sites
  • Work plans of the regional connectivity working groups
  • E-learning course on integrated planning and implementation of GBI networks for connectivity
  • Transnational expert working group

The project lasts from November 2022 through October 2025 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. (Total budget: 2.461.927  € -ERDF grant: 1.846.446  €)


More information: PlanToConnect website

Contact: Guido Plassmann guido.plassmann@alparc.org - Oriana Coronado oriana.coronado@alparc.org 

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