ALPARC inaugurated its first regional platform ‘ALPARC CENTR’ALPS’ in Balderschwang Nagelfluhkette Nature Park (DE) in April 2019. The regional platform is directly linked to ALPARC through contract and has a status of an association based on German law.

ALPARC CENTR’ALPS shares the same objectives and working areas as its ‘mother organization’. However, its decentralized structure allows for the association to adapt their approach to the local context, guarantee concrete work on the ground, foster local initiatives and create a closer proximity with protected area managers. Moreover, this regional platform provides the opportunity for smaller protected areas and local managers of biodiversity and natural sites to get involved in the ALPARC network.

The regional platform is currently headed by Peter Oggier, the current president of ALPARC and the director of the Nature Park Pfyn-Finges (CH).

ALPARC CENTR’ALPS, Naturparkzentrum Nagelfluhkette
Seestraße 10, 87509 Immenstadt
Email: centralps@alparc.org
Phone: +49 17 16 23 25 62



To improve closeness with protected areas, ALPARC established a second regional platform in the Southeastern Alps.


ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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