Who has not dreamed about flying?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

 They glide... a few wing beats, they slip between the trees to complete their flight on a hilltop. The birds. What do you think, how do birds feel when they see the Alps, drifting by under their wings during their migration in spring and autumn?

Fly with us on your area and take the opportunity to get the knowledge about the Alpine protected areas with our tool ViViAlp!

The tool ViViAlp, a virtual tour (in 3D) of the alpine protected areas, continues its development.

After 4 years of success in nearly two dozen information centres across the 6 alpine countries and as well online with the Google Earth version, it is now possible to find new Alpine protected areas and new 'points of interest' (POI): The Natural Park Nagelfluhkette (D), ASTERS (Natural Reserves Haute-Savoie) and the National Park Mercantour in France and as well the Natural Park Alpi Marittime (I).

Our partners of the project ALPENCOM, in which project ViViAlp has been created, such as the National Park Triglav and the City of Chambéry , will also incorporate new points of interests.  

For more information please contact Stéphane Morel at the Task Force Protected Areas by email (stephane.morel@alparc.org) or phone : +33(0)4 79 26 55 09 or look at our homepage !

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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