The Gran Paradiso National Park enters the IUCN “Green List”

Friday, 14 November 2014

There are now more than 210,000 protected areas in the world. Among these, 23 have been placed on the IUCN ( International Union for Conservation of Nature) Green List, the first worldwide certificate that recognises effectiveness and equity in the managing of Parks. Moreover, included in the Green List is the Gran Paradiso National Park (IT), the only Alpine Protected Area to have obtained this recognition.

The Green List was presented in Sydney on 14th November , in the context of the World Parks Congress organised by the  IUCN (12-19 November 2014) around the theme “Parks, people, planet: inspiring solutions”, or: finding solutions to the problems of the planet and of people through the experiences of parks.

As the IUCN itself asserts, the Green List of protected areas has not been drawn up with the intention of creating categories of winners and losers.This recognition is an incentive to parks to make a quantum leap and take the lead in the territories, ensuring the attainment of high standards of management , both in terms of effectiveness in the protection of nature and  the involvement of the local communities.

The Green List presented in Sydney  was drawn up on the basis of work carried out with 8 countries of the 5 continents, and will be opened up to other countries.The goal is for it to become  a globally recognised certification and a reference for the valorisation of parks which are attentive to their territory and the local community.

ALPARC and the members of the Alpine protected areas offer their congratulations to the Gran Paradiso Park on being awarded this prestigious mark of recognition. Early in 2015 the Gran Paradiso National Park will play host to a IUCN delegation at a special event to be held to celebrate this award which will be tested for renewal as early as 2016.


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