Save the date!The deadline for the competition “Fotografare il parco” is the 1st December 2014.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014

  One month left to enter the photography competition "Fotografare il Parco" .

The copmetition is organized by the Stelvio National Park (IT), the Gran Paradiso National Park (IT) , Abruzzo, Latinum and Molise National Park (IT) and by the French National Park Vanoise in collaboration with Swaroski Optik Italia.

Photographs,experts and passionate, send your pictures until the 1st December 2014!

The competition is free.
Further information at the official new web site. There you can download the program, the registration form and you have practical information.
From the official web site you can register online for the competition.

For further information  please contact:

Consorzio del Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio              Parc National de la Vanoise
Tel. +39 0342900811                                                 Tel. 0033-0479628964
e-mail: stelviopark@fotografareilparco.it                   e-mail:pn.vanoise@fotografareilparco.it

Ente Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso                       Ente Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise
Tel. 0118606211                                                       Tel. 08639113220
e-mail: pngp@fotografareilparco.it                           e-mail: parcoabruzzo@fotografareilparco.it

Swarovski Optik Italia srl  
Tel. +39 0458349069
e-mail: info@swarovskioptik.it   


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