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Friday, 13 February 2015

Download the final publications.

From September 2013 to November 2014, ALPARC was the lead partner of the European greenAlps project, with the objective of examining the effectiveness of nature protection measures, from the European level to the level of individual communities, in order to encourage a change of governance so that more consideration will be given to nature in the policies of the Alpine countries.
A study of the European policy for the preservation of biological diversity together with the analysis of the principal results of a whole series of European projects has made possible the formulation of political recommendations, as well as recommendations aimed at those in charge of the Espace Alpin programme in order

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to improve the impact of future projects in favour of biodiversity.

Final publications greenAlps project:


  • Final booklet: Connecting mountains, people, nature – Shaping the framework for an efficient European biodiversity policy for the Alps (English, printed and download): This publication gives an overview on the project results.
  • Policy recommendations: Staking a claim for nature – Policy recommendations for the Alpine Space (available in 5 languages, printed and download): This publication recommends ways in which decision makers can implement biodiversity policies more effectively.
  • The EU Biodiversity Policy Landscape. Existing policies and their perceived relevance and impact in key sectors in the alpine region (English, printed and download): This publication identifies biodiversity-relevant EU policies and programmes, and potential gaps in policies and their implementation.
  • Biodiversity Stakeholder Networks in the Alpine Space (English, download): This publication analyses the contact networks and involvement of stakeholders that are important for biodiversity conservation.
  • Common Strategic Framework 2014-2020 & Biodiversity (English, download): This publication recommends ways of channelling funding into biodiversity conservation in the Alps within the EU Common Strategic Framework 2014-2020.
  • Ten recommendations to the Alpine Space Programme (English, download): greenAlps formulates in this publication ten recommendations targeted at programme developers and Alpine Space Programme bodies to support the efficient implementation of biodiversity projects.


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