A new Director for the Swiss National Park

Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Federal National Park Commission has appointed Ruedi Haller as the new director of the Swiss National Park. On 1 October 2019, he will succeed Prof. Heinrich Haller who wishes to retire.
The Director is responsible for the operational management of the Swiss National Park. He heads the Park and its 3 divisions: Operations and Monitoring, Research and Geographic Information Systems, Communication and Public Relations. 45 employees share 27 full-time positions. The management and administration of the Park is centralized in Zernez, where the Visitor Centre was built 10 years ago. The Federal National Park Commission (FNTC), appointed by the Federal Council, is the strategic body of the Swiss National Park.
Ruedi Haller will be the seventh director to assume operational management of the oldest national park in the Alps since its foundation in 1914.
We offer our congratulations to Ruedi Haller and wish him all the best as director.

Source: http://www.nationalpark.ch/de/about/mediencorner/medienmitteilungen/medienmitteilungen-2018/der-neue-direktor-des-schweizerischen-nationalparks-heisst-ruedi-haller/

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