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Friday 21st January 2011 in the centre of the National park Triglav in Bled (information centre)- 16.30 - 20.00


“The work of the rangers – concrete activities for the implementation of the Alpine convention”


16.30 (15’) Introduction: Alparc – A concrete application of the Alpine Convention in the service of the Protected Areas / Guido Plassmann, Director of the Network of Alpine Protected Areas - ALPARC

16.45 (15’) The aims of the Alpine Convention and the role of the Protected Areas by its application / Janez Bizjak, former Director of the National park Triglav und former President of CIPRA Slovenia as well as former Vice-President of the Network of Alpine Protected Areas - ALPARC

17.00 (10’) The work of the rangers to promote a sustainable forest management / Riccardo Lussignoli, Nature Park Alta Valle Pesio et Tanaro (I)

17.10 (10’) Rangers’ work in the Prealpi Giulie Nature Park in the frame of Alpine convention: monitoring, prevention, surveillance, education / Gessica Picco, Nature Park Prealpi Giulie(I)

17.20 (10’) The role of the rangers in the Nature Park Adamello Brenta / Matteo Viviani, Nature Park Adamello Brenta (I)

17.30 (10’) Grand Paradiso – Vanoise a common alpine work / Christian Neumüller, National Park Vanoise (FR)

break (30’)

18.10 (10’) Biodiversity and habitat protection / Carmen Kraus, National Park Berchtesgaden (D)

18.20 (10’) Inventory Protocol for the flora of the National Park Mercantour and its application for the protection of native species / Laurent Martin-Dhermont and Sylvie Claudon, National Park Mercantour (FR)

18.30 (10’) Ranger: professional all-rounders / Gianni Oppi, Nature Park Alpi Marittime (I)

18.40 (10’) Collaboration of the National Park management with a tourism association in the field of guided walks / Josef Egger, National Park Berchtesgaden (D)

18.50 (10’) Among people: Cooperation with local communities and sensitisation of children / Tomaž Bregant, National Park Triglav (S)

19.00 (40’) Discussion / Questions

20.00 End and conclusions

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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