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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

In the frame of the project « Youth Alpine Dialogue » 2014-2015 led by CIPRA International and in which ALPARC was a partner, the work of the youth groups from different alpine countries led to a film about Mobility in the Alps compiling various interviews: https://youtu.be/q8tGjNi4w7A, a collection of some sustainable good practices identified by youth in the alpine space: Alps: new opportunities for you(th), a handbook providing some ideas and technical tools for youth participation, and the platform YAPP !

The online YAPP platform provides young people with information on organisations and initiatives in favour of youth participation and sustainable development in the Alps. The interested organisations are invited to display their information and offers on the free platform.
Read more about the platform in French, German, Italian or Slovene at: http://www.cipra.org/fr/communiques/une-plate-forme-en-ligne-renforce-la-participation-des-jeunes-dans-les-alpes
(you can change the language). 

Visit www.yapp-network.org

Source CIPRA : http://www.cipra.org/en/cipra/international/projects/current/youth-alpine-dialogue?set_language=en
More about the whole “Youth Alpine Dialogue” project: http://www.cipra.org/fr/cipra/international/projets/en-cours/youth-alpine-dialogue-yad


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