Alpine Conference in Grassau: the Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity in the Spotlight

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Summer 2016 will provide the opportunity to take stock of the actions, initiatives and achievements of the 8 Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity since they were appointed in 2011 by the Alpine Convention. In fact, the process of appointing the Pilot Regions schedules regular assessment of their activities. An on-site visit and interviews are scheduled as part of this scheme and will make it possible to identify the strengths of the Pilot Regions and any specific future needs.  

During the 14th Alpine Conference, which will be held in the week of 10th to 14th October in Grassau (Germany), in the framework of the Alpine Week, the Pilot Regions will have the opportunity to present their activities not only to the members of the Ecological Network Platform of the Alpine Convention, but also to the general public, at a session specially devoted to the subject in the Alpine Week programme. This event will also give the actors in the Pilot Regions the chance to share their experiences and know-how and to develop common perspectives for the future.

The Alpine Conference will also witness the presentation of a new publication especially devoted to the Alpine experience of creating an Alpine ecological network. In it the twelve years of experiences in this matter will be presented and analysed by a wide range of Alpine experts in the field in a large number of feature articles. 

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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