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Alparc is celebrating its 20th birthday. Since 1995, the network has been opening doors for exchange, recognition and joint activities among the protected areas in the Alps. Staff members of protected areas have found each other across cultural, linguistic and legislative borders. Not only did they live in the same mountain range, they also recognized their similar ambitions and concerns.

During the past 20 years, Alparc has realized many successful projects and created numerous opportunities for protected area staff members to learn from and inspire each other. This is something we can be proud of.

Therefore, the year 2015 is a year of celebrations and festive activities, among which a land art photo contest and the first edition of the international Youth at the Top event. We will also take the opportunity to think about the role of the Alpine protected areas today and in the future, and come together to establish a shared vision for the years to come.

We look forward to sharing experiences, forming new friendships, joining strengths and realizing new projects together for the Alps.


A short history of ALPARC


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Events during the celebration year

22 January 2015 20th edition of the Danilo Re Memorial
23 January 2015 ALPARC General Assembly
23-24 April 2015 ALPARC council meeting
25-26 June 2015 Research symposium "Interface between science and mountain protected areas: The role of scientific councils"
16 July 2015 First edition of "Youth at the Top" event
July - December 2015 Land Art Photo Contest: "Reconnecting people, mountains and nature"
13 October 2015 Workshop "Alpine protected areas 2030: A shared vision for the future"
14 October 2015 ALPARC council meeting
3-4 March 2016 Workshop about winter sports and fauna




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