Participate in the reading Mountains Festival of the Alpine Convention!

1, 25.08.2016

For the second year between the 5th and 11th of December, the Alpine Convention organizes the Reading mountains Festival. The festival is an occasion to celebrate the Alpine literature and to promote cultural differences and similarities all along the Alps.

We invite all of you to participate!

Protected areas, associations or interested organization are all invited to organize their own event in the frame of the Reading Mountains Festival with a reading by a local author, by a presentation of a book taking place in the region or by finding all the innovative way to promote the Alpine literature.

This festival was launched in 2015 under the German presidency of Alpine convention 2015-2016 and the Permanent secretariat in order to celebrate on the 11th of December the International Mountain day. The idea is to exalt all the cultural specificities and similarities through the Festival’s events which promote the modern alpine literature in different places around the Alps and enable people to connect.

The Mountains reading festival represents also an occasion to discuss about alpine literature, its meaning, its impact and purpose. In 2015 some mountains lovers and actors discussed these issues and some of these discussion were captured in the film “People, Books and mountain –The Quest for Alpine literature”.

The first edition was a great success, with more than 100 events in all the Alpine countries, in four alpine languages and several dialects.

We strongly encourage all the Protected areas and alpine actors to participate this year!

For more information, registration, suggestions, ideas and materials visit the Alpine convention website.

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