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1, 29.08.2012

It is with great pride that we announce that eco.mont has just been admitted into the prestigious Thomson Index (Web of Science), with retroactive inclusion of all past issues (back to issue 1 in June 2009).

The periodical was created by common accord between ALPARC , ISCAR (International scientific committee on research in the Alps), the Austrian Academy of Sciences ÖAW and the University of Innsbruck. The ISCAR-P work group covering research in protected spaces constitutes the editorial committee of eco.mont.

Issue 4/2, to be published in December 2012, will include articles on changes in vegetation around the Alpine lakes of Styria, results of research into the districts within Nepalese national parks and displacements in Ethiopia. A portrait of the biosphere of the Swabian Jura will also appear in the summary.

We also invite you to submit your contributions for the next issue (5/1) before December 2012. The main themes discussed by the magazine are: the administration of protected areas and governance, monitoring and climate change, sustainable and ecological regional development, research into the flora and fauna of the protected mountain areas.

eco.mont publishes new scientific articles submitted to a peer review process, reports on administrative matters and other subjects of interest for the protected areas, and in each issue focuses on a protected area as a case in point. The periodical is published in English to reach as wide a public as possible.

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