/!\ exact date available soon - The Future of Sports Tourism – Between Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Current Tendencies

Domenica, 01 Novembre 2020
  • Country Germany
  • Organisation Allianz in den Alpen; CIPRA International
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Outdoor sports, like hiking, skiing, and mountain biking are fundamental to tourism in the Alps and are a vital part of local economies. However, outdoor sports are resource intensive and are often practiced in sensitive natural areas. In the hour of climate change, we must ask ourselves how outdoor sports can be a driving force for sustainable development. This conference will ask this important question and look the challenges related to sustainable tourism in the Alps. 

For more information, please click here or download the conference ‘save the date’ available in French, Italian, German and Slovenian.

ALPARC - La Rete delle Aree Protette Alpine

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