The role of the scientific councils in the Alpine Protected Areas

0, 14.09.2015

To what extent and under what conditions can scientific councils promote scientific research in the protected areas? To what extent do they support the management and governance of these areas and act as mediators in conflicts?
These questions and many others were addressed during the “Interface between Science and Mountain Protected Areas” Workshop organised in Chambéry on 25th-26th June 2015. The meeting was organised by the LabEx ITEM (Innovation & Mountain TErritories) in collaboration with ISCAR and ALPARC.

The workshop brought together more than 40 participants: members of scientific councils or staff responsible for the management of protected areas and research. 
Throughout these two days, different models of scientific council as well as various scientific research working methods and management strategies were presented. Issues of a more general order such as the role of scientific research or the responsibility of a scientific council were keenly debated by experts from all parts of the Alpine Arc.

During the workshop, the results of a preliminary study on scientific councils in the Alpine Arc carried out by LabEx ITEM in collaboration with ISCAR and ALPARC were also presented. The study shows the results of an on-line survey addressed to the Alpine protected areas and carried out between February and March 2015.

For any protected areas still not having completed the above, it is still possible to take part

in the survey by clicking here:

For all information about the survey, please contact directly:

You can download the preliminary study below


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