Youth summit on climate issues in Entlebuch

Venerdì, 13 Gennaio 2012

 "My clime-mate" is an international exchange programme that is part of the dynAlp-climate project, which is focussed on climate issues. The programme is the brainchild of the "Alliance in Alps " network of local authorities and "Youth in Action ", which also fund the project.

The programme brings together young people from 10 municipalities which are members of the Alliance in the Alps. The young people considered the subject of climate change in the Alps, planned meetings and set up joint climate-related activities.

Young people from Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland were actively involved in the project, organising a wide range of events and activities. They also set up exchange schemes, which provided an opportunity to discuss the subject in detail

At the end of October, all the young people and moderators gathered in Sörenberg (Switzerland) for the final meeting. They compared notes on their expereiences and discussed where to go next as the programme drew to an end

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Source: Youth summit on climate issues, Entlebuch (German, French, Italian)

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