HEALPS2: Health resources in the Alps and Training Material for tourism development

Lunedì, 31 Ottobre 2022

Topics such as health and well-being, strengthening the immune system, or healthy routines are all in vogue. We are also witnessing an explosion of lifestyle diseases such as stress, noise and stimulus overload or lack of exercise that stem from our increasingly urban way of life.

It can be assumed that these tendencies will further intensify in coming years, meaning that concentrating on the target group of those seeking better health is a forward-thinking decision for Alpine destinations. But how can municipalities and regions best take this path?

ALPARC is working as a project partner on this question in the HEALPS 2 project with 10 partners from all over the Alpine region.

Thanks to the research of all partners there is medical evidence of the good feeling after a long hike, or that the Krimml Waterfalls are a state-approved healing resource for asthma. Together with pilot regions from all over the Alpine region, HEALPS 2 has developed a planning tool that can be used to analyze and evaluate regions. Take a look at the latest project deliverables:

- Training Material on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset

- Alpine health resources

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