8 videos to raise awareness on outdoors sports activities jointly developed by the French Regional Natural Parks of Auvergne- Rhônes Alpes (France)

Giovedì, 14 Giugno 2018

The regional natural parks are the perfect location for outdoors activities: wonderful landscapes, extraordinary natural surroundings, several walking trails and more besides. However, people who engage in outdoor sports in this area need to consider nature and the indigenous wildlife and act responsibly to preserve it. To raise awareness in outdoor participants, the Regional Natural Parks in Auvergne- Rhône Alpes (France) have developed 8 videos.

The videos, of 1’ 30 and designed with the motion design technique, focus on specific topics:  trekking in forests, mountain bike activities, free flight, canyoning, snowshoes activities.

The initiative has been coordinated by the Network of the Regional Natural parks of Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes and supported by the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region in partnership with several partners including ALPARC.

ALPARC is working on awareness raising campaigns on outdoor activities in the frame of the WeWild project. This winter the network officially launched the international cooperation initiative BePart of the Mountain aiming at facilitating the exchange of good practices, developing common awareness-raising tools and implementing joint communication action to initiate behavioural change in outdoor participants.

ALPARC - La Rete delle Aree Protette Alpine

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