Youth at the Top 2021 - Registration is open

mercredi, 10 mars 2021

Youth at the Top event is back for a seventh edition and registration is now open! The 2020 edition will take place on July 8 th 2021 (and the night of July 8th to 9th). On this common date, protected areas all around the Alps and the Carpathians are invited to take groups of curious kids and teens to the mountains, to experimente their surroundings in a new and creative way. Organizations, protected areas, youth associations, local professionals, and refuges are invited to take part in this international event and to plan educational activities on this year's common theme: "Local Food".

Organizations willing to join the project should fill up the online form before April 15th.

What is Youth at the Top?
Youth at the Top is an international event that aims to help young people (re)discover nature and connect to their mountain heritage. It is organized through local events that take place simultaneously in different countries across the Alps and Carpathians. It has a highly symbolic dimension as hundreds of young people go out and experience nature on a single date through an overnight stay in the mountains. Each registered organization is invited to plan a hike, an overnight stay in the mountains, an activity on a common topic and other educational activities to help the younger generation reconnect with the mountain environment. The project leaves a lot of leeway to the participating organizations to organize local events according to their goals and capabilities.

ALPARC has been responsible for the general management and international communication of the project since its very beginning.The 7th edition of Youth at the Top is coordinated by ALPARC with the financial support from the German Ministry for the Environment.


Photo credits: Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

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