jeudi, 11 février 2021

Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance.

The Project aim is to foster sustainable development of Alpine Space by maintaining open spaces as part of alpine Green Infrastructure through an interlinked, multi-level transnational spatial governance considering integration of ecosystems functions and needs into policies.

ALPARC is a project partner and is responsible for the coordination of the Alpswide strategy and governance planning. After the elaboration of a summary of results and relevant data from former EU projects with a focus on Open Spaces, a work over the Alpswide cartographic representation of Open Spaces has started. 

The test phase for the mapping has been focused on the exchange through two workshops over the procedure to follow at the data processing, the research of data sources to identify some infrastructure categories and their classification and differential treatment according to their level of spatial disturbance, this data is being compared and analysed with some of the results from former projects such as ALPBIONET2030 and the JECAMI tool. This process aims to represent the zoning of open spaces in the Alps and to identify the potential open spaces to be conserved

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ALPARC - Le Réseau Alpin des Espaces Protégés

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