DE Project Report – Competencies for Managers of Natura 2000 Sites

Dienstag, 30 Juli 2019

The Natura 2000 network is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It was established in 1992 with the Habitats Directive. Ensuring effective management of individual Natura 2000 sites remains a challenge in most EU countries which hinders the full implementation of the Nature Directives. 

What are the Core Competencies that Nature 2000 and Protected Area Managers should have?

The LIFE project tries to answer to this question in its Technical Report.

Starting from the analysis of the ‘Fitness Check’ of Birds and Habitats Directives, some critical issues have been identified in their implementation. More specifically, to ameliorate Natura 2000 management in its practical dimension, improvements in the following areas are required:

  • management planning,
  • provision of more and better information,
  • increased guidance, more integration and joined-up delivery with other policies,
  • increased awareness and involvement of stakeholders.

Specifically, it is fundamental to keep a strong connection between all Natura 2000 sites, without forgetting their specific context and needs.

Identification and Assessment of Competencies for Management of Natura 2000

This is the title of the Report that constitutes the first activity of the LIFE project. It is the result of the findings of a technical workshop in which the project team and invited experts analysed the IUCN Global Register of Competencies for Protected Area Practitioners.

Its structure:

  1. An analysis of functions required to be performed by site managers for the efficient implementation of Natura 2000, based on the results of the Fitness Check of the Nature Directives (2016) and on the Nature Directives’ legal requirements;
  2. A methodological framework for the development of a coherent, competence-based approach to capacity building for Natura 2000 site management;
  3. A defined list of key competencies identified as being particularly relevant for Natura 2000 site managers across Europe, which lies in the fields of communication and collaboration, awareness and education and biodiversity conservation practices.

Building capacities for Nature 2000 Site Managers

The project also aims at offering 3 blended-learning opportunities for Natura 2000 & Protected Area Managers in 2020 to enhance management practices in the protection of nature, with the support of e-learning and other innovative tools. The call to participate will open at the end of 2019.

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