Association ALPARC

ALPARC, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas is a legal organization following the decisions of the Constituent Assembly of 18 January 2013 based on the law of 1 July 1901 relating to the partnership agreement and its implementing decree of 16 August 1901 (French law on associations).

Its main mission is to actively participate in the implementation of the Alpine Convention and its different protocols related to protected areas. In particular, ALPARC should assist protected area managers, local authorities and actors in their missions for the protection and sustainable development in accordance with the participatory processes in protected areas.

ALPARC realizes projects and activities about:

  1. Preservation of biodiversity and the establishment of an ecological continuum,
  2. Regional development and quality of life in alpine regions
  3. Environmental mountain education and awareness raising of the Alpine Mountain.

February 28th 2013, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and ALPARC signed a Memorandum of cooperation to facilitate the cooperation between the two organizations and make maximum use of possible synergies.







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