The aim of the Alparc association is to promote the exchange of expertise, techniques and methods among the managers of Alpine protected areas. The association initializes and facilitates realizing common projects among the Alpine protected area and performs their international coordination what a single protected area couldn’t afford.

The work falls under the following three main headings:

The different topics are developed in order to integrate the global recognized concept of modern nature management .The main works headings contribute to face global problems as climate change, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and to raise awareness among large public, in particular youth about the environmental challenges in a global context.

 ALPARC main activities focus on the following sectors: services, projects and events.


For any further information about the activity programme, vision and strategy of ALPARC  please download the documents below, including:

ALPARC strategy 2016 - 2021, ALPARC vision, Action Plan, Activity programme 2016 - 2021 (EN only) and the ALPARC Political demands (EN, DE only)