Dossiers (21)

Large Carnivore Conservation
Study 'Ecological transboundary network' (Alpensignal 3)
In 2004, the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention puts the Alpine Network in charge of preparing a study on the national and transboundary links existing between protected areas. The results will permit to make recommendations for strategies on a large scale and will present possible territorial connections as well as political, national and regional development measures. This study could thus be used as a framework for creation and implementation of an alpine ecological territorial network. Edited by ALPARC in the collection « Alpensignale » of the Alpine Convention Link : Alpine Ecological Network
Towards a Carpathian Network of Protected Areas. Final report.
The report examines the processes and actions used to establish the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas. The first section describes the nature conservation structures in place in the Alps and the Carpathian mountains and also gives technical details about the partnership. Based on the responses to a questionnaire, the second section looks at the needs and expectations of the Carpathian protected areas in relation to the network's future.
Pedagogical document
This teaching and information document is a communication tool designed for a range of audiences. It gives a brief overview of nature conservation issues in the Alps, the Alpine Convention, the role of protected areas and related topics. It contains information sheets, slides, more detailed information for teachers, and a set of annexes including brochures, maps and a CD-ROM.
Dossier N°13 : Natura 2000 and Emerald: Implementation in the Alps and the Carpathian – Situations and methods exchange between Alpine and Carpathian protected area managers
Contains the documents from the conference held in Neukirchen (Austria) in October 2004 on implementing Natura 2000 and the Emerald Network in the Alps and Carpathian mountains. The conference helped strengthen the partnerships developing between protected area managers in the Alps and Carpathians.
Dossier N°12 : Project 'ALPARC database'
A technical file combining the specifications drawn up following the consultation phase and needs assessment together with the reference documents for developing the system: conceptual data model, list of headings and diagram of logical relationships. The document also describes how the prototype database will be developed in conjunction with the GIS and outlines a plan for continuing the project.
Dossier N°11 : Environmental contracts and quality measurement tools: examples from protected areas in the Alpine countries
The first section of this file describes the environmental programmes (agriculture and forestry) in existence in the Alpine countries and provides case studies specific to the Alpine protected areas. The second section presents a selection of quality measurement tools for facilitating sustainable local development and reconciling human activities and natural ecological balances.
Dossier N°10 : Habitalp - Monitoring of the diversity of the alpine habitats
Provides an interpretation key for the aerial photos used as the basis for the INTERREG III B HABITALP programme, which is intended to create a map-based transnational spatial database.
Dossier N°09 : Forest management in the alpine protected areas
Looks at forest management: forestry development in protected areas, follow-up and long-term monitoring.