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The Alpine-Carpathian partnership: Looking back on 13 years of cooperation between protected areas
This brochure presents the long-term cooperation between protected areas in the Alps and the Carpathians that has officially existed since 2002, the International Year of Mountains. Following a political initiative, ALPARC has guided the creation of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA), for which its own organisation served as a model. Also, many joint activities and exchange meetings have been organised during the last 13 years. In this publication an overview and evaluation of this partnership are given.   > download the brochure
Step by step to ecological connectivity
The contribution of municipalities to improve ecological connectivity
Biodiversity in time of climate change: management or wilderness?
How to manage at the best biodiversity facing the new global phenomena (climate change, etc.) and with a restricted budget? Is it always necessary to manage nature?If yes, how can it be managed in the most effective way? What sould be the priorities?What criteria should be followed?Who decides on these criteria? These are the core questions this brochure is trying to answer.   
Large carnivores in the Alps and Carpathians: Living with the wildlife
This thematic brochure was elaborated in the framework of the cooperation project with the CNPA, as a result of the international colloquium "Large carnivores: management, research and public relation strategies of the protected areas" in the Nizke Tatry National Park / Slovakia (2nd - 4th July 2009).
CNPA: A contribution to the international cooperation strategy
 This brochure reminds all the activities leaded in the framework of Alpine-Carpathian cooperation since 2001 and set up the framework for the international cooperation of the newly established CNPA - Carpathian Network of Protected Areas. It is completed by a CD with all the publications edited for the CNPA as well as a report of the First CNPA Conference held in September 2008. 
Trains, shuttle buses and carriages replace the private car
The Alpine Protected areas as promoters of soft mobility. Brochure published in the framework of the international seminar « Soft mobility and alpine protected areas » (ALPARC - MEEDDAT/F, 2008). 
The Alps under pressure
Prevention and adaptation to climate changes in the alpine protected areas Available in French, German, Italian and Slovenian
The Carpathian Network of Protected Areas
This brochure presents the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas
Catalogue of the communication products
The catalogue lists the various Alpine Network publications: conference proceedings; specialist subjects; bulletins; educational material; book of Alpine stories and legends; special items such as the map of Alpine protected areas and the 'Mountains and myths' exhibition.