Research and Protected areas

Research platform: research into Alpine issues in the protected areas

The protected areas are also research areas.

Many experts and research institutes use the protected areas to carry out projects on a wide range of subjects, from natural sciences and earth science to sociology and economics.

The protected areas have created structures so as to ensure that the research and findings are well publicised, and where possible to increase coordination, so as to produce comparable results. 

A number of tools have been created to this end:

  • "European Mountain Pool" website:a database developed in cooperation with the Swiss Academy of Sciences , which aims to record all the projects underway in the European mountain ranges so as to improve transparency and encourage more coordination both in terms of the projects and their findings.
  • eco.mont online journal: information about the various research projects and their findings in the Alpine protected areas and other European mountain ranges, including the Carpathian Mountains and the Pyrenees. Published twice yearly.
  • An international Symposium is held every four years,bringing together a large number of researchers from all over the Alps and the scientific experts from the various parks and reserves in the Alps.