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Mardi 27 septembre 2016, Barbara Pompili a signé l’accord-cadre de coopération pour l’éducation à l’environnement et au développement durable entre le Ministère de l’Environnement, de l’Energie et de la Mer, les Réserves naturelles de France et le Ministère de l’Education nationale, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche. Cet accord porte sur une collaboration renforcée entre ces institutions à l’échelle territoriale et nationale.

C’est dans la réserve naturelle nationale de Wavrans-sur-l’Aa, dans les Hauts-de-France, que l’accord-cadre a été signé le  27 septembre 2016 pour une période de trois ans. Cet accord vise à faciliter la mise en œuvre de la loi pour la reconquête de la biodiversité, de la nature et des paysages et de la Stratégie nationale pour la biodiversité, en invitant chacun des signataires à mettre en œuvre ses actions à son échelle.

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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:17

Youth at the Top 2016, a beautiful experience

"Initially I thought it would have been boring... but in the end it was amazing!" Lilou and Kilian, France. Read more in the official press release below.

On 12th and 13th July, for the second edition of the operation, almost 700 participants (more than 500 young people and about 150 adults) from 8 countries of the Alps and the Carpathians together saw what it was like to live as a group and share exciting moments in the mountains: an event that will long remain in their memories. In all, 37 events took place in the Alpine Arc and 4 in the Carpathians.

Visit the project’s official page:

the Facebook page

and our Youtube channel.

The retrospective video of the 2016 edition of Youth at the Top will be available this autumn

Our thanks go to all our partners and to the young participants for making this edition a success!

Logo Alparc EducAlpes BMUB 2016

"Youth at the top" is a project coordinated by ALPARC, together with Educ’alpes in France, with the special financial support of the German Ministry for the Environment (BMUB).
This collective project emanates from the “Mountain Environmental Education in the Alpine Protected Areas” working group, whose driving aim is to develop links between young people and mountains.


Ten young people aged from 12 to 15 recently took part in the “Media Camp” organised by the Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany. 


“My objective was to get the youngsters to take more time over taking a photo and so be more aware of how they were doing it. They learned to experiment with the camera settings rather than snap away willy nilly,” explains Mark Walter, the professional photographer who for the second time was in charge of the camp.


Can nature and the media really go hand in hand?

“Absolutely”, according to Julia Herzog, in charge of environmental education at the National Park: “Nowadays young people can no longer imagine their lives without modern technology. So for that very reason we want to use this activity as an appetizer to get them to take an enthusiastic interest in the nature around them.”

Thus the camp programme offered notably: a thematic introduction to the aesthetics and composition of the image – A debate on the meaning of the term “Wilderness”- The choice of a personal theme related to the Wilderness – A hike , taking photos and making films on this theme , but also: games, meals and cookery together , a night in a refuge…

Please see the full press release attached (In German)

There are still a few places available to participate to the forth Workshop « Mountain Environmental Education in the Alpine Protected Areas » on the 18th and 19th October, in the French National Park of Mercantour, at the Refuge-hôtel de Bayasse.

Please find the registration form online, the programme description and practical information on the following link.

Registrations are opened until the 15th of September!

(If you are interested but not able to register before this deadline, please contact

Rund 30 Naturzentren informieren die Schweizer Bevölkerung über Natur und Umwelt. Doch im Zeitalter der Informationstechnologie stehen die Naturzentren neuen Herausforderungen gegenüber. Welches sind die Erfolgsfaktoren der Umweltbildungsarbeit auf dem Weg zu den Naturzentren 2050?

Près de 30 centres nature informent la population suisse sur la nature et l’environnement. A l’heure des nouvelles technologies de l’information, les centres nature font face à de nouveaux défis. Cette Journée de réflexion abordera les facteurs de réussite de l’éducation à l’environnement dans les centres nature.

Die Tagung «Naturzentren 2050: Mit innovativen Ideen in die Zukunft» informiert am 16. September 2016 über aktuelle Trends und Standards in der Bildungsarbeit von Naturzentren und diskutiert mögliche Synergien in der Zusammenarbeit mit Schulen, der Museologie und der praktischen Naturschutzarbeit.
Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Fachleute und interessierte Personen im Bereich Umweltbildung (Naturzentren, Regionale Naturpärke, NGO’s, Schulen, Verwaltung etc.). Sie wird vom Pro Natura Zentrum Aletsch im Rahmen des 40-jährigen Jubiläumsorganisiert. Tagungssprachen sind Französisch und Deutsch; es findet keine Simultanübersetzung statt.

La Journée de réflexion « Centres nature 2050 : des idées innovantes pour le futur » présentera le 16 septembre 2016 les tendances et les standards actuels dans le travail d’éducation dans les centres nature et permettra d’aborder le sujet des synergies possibles dans la collaboration avec les écoles, les musées et le travail de protection de la nature sur le terrain.
Cette manifestation s’adresse aux professionnels et aux personnes actives dans le domaine de l’éducation à l’environnement (centres nature, parcs naturels régionaux, ONG, écoles, administrations etc.). Elle est organisée par le Centre Pro Natura d’Aletsch dans le cadre de son jubilé des 40 ans. Les langues de cette Journée de réflexion sont le français et l’allemand ; aucune traduction simultanée n’est prévue.


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Monday, 08 August 2016 16:03

Youth at the Top 2016, a great success

We are very happy of the great success of Youth at the Top!

Bravo to all our young participants (more than 500!) and to the ca.150 accompanying adults, who took part in the 41 events which finally took place. The bad weather was not an obstacle to their enthousiasm and they managed to reach the top!

53 events were initially scheduled, but the weather forced some of our partners to report the event and unfortunately few decided to cancel it.

We are all very satisfied and we thank each young participant and all Youth at the Top partners for their cooperation and energy.

To have a look at the Youth at the top 2016 events follow us on the Facebook page devoted to this project.
On our official web site, on each event's page, you will find the best pictures and  videos.

Have a look also at our Youtube channel.

We can't wait now for the best-of video, coming soon in October!


Saturday, 21 May 2016 12:12

Interpret Europe Conference 2016

Do you work at a natural or cultural heritage site, at a museum, zoo, or botanical garden? Do you like to encourage people to search for a deeper meaning behind heritage, inspiring them to take ownership as citizens? If so, then our conference ‘Heritage interpretation – for the future of Europe’ is a good place to go.

Heritage interpretation is a well-tested way of connecting people and places. At the conference of Interpret Europe, organised by Herita, we want to stimulate thinking on how heritage interpretation can help to experience and take action on important European subjects such as sustainability, lifelong learning, human rights, active citizenship and peace.

Information & Registration :

In the frame of the project « Youth Alpine Dialogue » 2014-2015 led by CIPRA International and in which ALPARC was a partner, the work of the youth groups from different alpine countries led to a film about Mobility in the Alps compiling various interviews:, a collection of some sustainable good practices identified by youth in the alpine space: Alps: new opportunities for you(th), a handbook providing some ideas and technical tools for youth participation, and the platform YAPP !

The online YAPP platform provides young people with information on organisations and initiatives in favour of youth participation and sustainable development in the Alps. The interested organisations are invited to display their information and offers on the free platform.
Read more about the platform in French, German, Italian or Slovene at:
(you can change the language). 


Source CIPRA :
More about the whole “Youth Alpine Dialogue” project:


frise alparc cipra youthinaction educalpes

The first edition of the international “Youth at the Top” project was a big hit!

With a little help from the sunny weather in the whole Alpine Arc, groups of young people have participated with great enthusiasm in the first edition of this innovative project: sharing a physical, human, cultural and artistic experience in the mountains at the same time.
The 16th and the 17th of July 2015, a total of 27 events took place simultaneously in 5 alpine countries: France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Germany. More than 370 young people aged between 7 and 28 and 105 adults (guides, rangers, families, educators, artists, artisans...) participated across the whole Alpin arc. The first edition of “Youth at the top” was organized by ALPARC and Educ’Alpes with the financial support of the German Ministry for the Environment.

The participants had the chance to experience an overnight stay in a refuge or in a camp and to discover, through different artistic educational actions, the importance and the value of the alpine mountain territories.  The activities organized within each event differed from one place to another: rock painting, land art, creative writing, wooden sculptures, light painting, tales, team games, star observation, walking to a summit, meetings with local peoples and many more…

A young participant from MJC Briançon in the PN Ecrins (France) declares:  “I really liked spending two days with friends, sleeping outdoors, and going to the mountains during the summer holidays!  We saw a refuge in a 8000-year-old cave, and I really liked the tale”.

I did not think I would make it… It has been a long time since I last went to the mountains” Lucie, RN Passy

Whereas each event consisted of different activities, all of them shared the same aim: to bring youth from 5 alpine countries to the mountains simultaneously, in different Alpine Protected Areas and natural sites. The idea was to go beyond administrative and language barriers by considering the Alps as one region.
Furthermore, as most of the young participants are living in the region close to a protected area, the initiative gave them the chance to discover new areas that they may never have seen before. On the other hand, the local professionals (refuges, transport, et cetera) also benefited from taking part in the event.

Discover what went on in each of the 27 events that were part of the project and have a look at the pictures from each area at:

or visit the Facebook page at:

After this success story, the organizers are already planning the next edition of “Youth at the Top”. A retrospective video dedicated to the 2015 edition will be published soon!

Let's meet in 2016!


Logo Alparc EducAlpes BMU

Thursday, 16 July 2015 02:00

Youth at the Top – Event

On July 16th, the “Youth at the Top” event will finally take place! The project is led by ALPARC in partnership with Educ’Alpes and with the financial support of the German Ministry of the Environment (BMU).

You will find enclosed the list of the 33 participants in the “Youth at the Top” project.

Here, you can find further information about the event.



Facebook page:

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