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With the turn of the seasons, we’d like to take the time to reflect back on the different activities and events that took place over these past few months.

Mid-July, children all across the Alps and Carpathians were immersed in an imaginative world as they discovered the mountains through Youth at the Top’s common theme ‘Myth and Mountain Legends’. Scroll down to read a first-hand experience of the event and to check out some videos from participating organizations. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Youth at the Top official video!

The main effort these last few months has been to prepare for the final events of two Interreg projects: ALPBIONET2030 and YOUrALPS. Come discover the state of ecological connectivity in the Alps at the ALBIONET2030 Final Conference from October 8th – 9th in Chamonix, France. The YOUrALPS Final Conference will follow suit from October 10th – 11th in Chambéry, France. It will be a great opportunity to discover Mountain-oriented Education and to meet involved partners and youth from Germany, Italy, France and Slovenia.

Happy reading and we hope to see you at the final events next week!

News from the ALPARC network

An Intense Week to Come: Celebrating the Success of two Alpine Space Projects - ALPBIONET2030 and YOUrALPS

ALPARC is the lead partner of two innovative Alpine Space projects: ALPBIONET2030 and YOUrALPS. These two projects have been running since 2016. The projects outputs and results are now ready to be presented and discussed during the projects’ final...Read More

Destination Parks Final Conference

The aim of Destination Parks was to find a common ground on how to develop and promote a shared vision, strategy and implementation of sustainable forms of tourism in the Alpine protected areas. During the one-year...Read More

Youth Video: The Insect Effect - How our Lives Depend on Insects

Recent studies found that more than 75% of insects have disappeared during the last 30 years in Europe (Vogel, 2017). As they constitute more than 60% of all known animal species, they are an integral part of ecosystems both as pollinators...Read More

Youth at the Top 2019: Experiencing the Magic of Nature

Discovering the power of witches, outsmarting evil spirts and finding magical remedies in the mountain wilderness…  Mountain educators and guides used these elements of fantasy to immerse the almost 600 young participants across 40 destinations...Read More

News from the protected areas

Parc National des Ecrins earns a place on IUCN’s ‘Green List’

@ Parc National des Ecrins The Parc National des Ecrins was granted a spot on the International Union for Nature Conservation’s (IUCN) ‘Green List’ earlier this month during France’s Nature Congress (June 12th, 2019) in Marseille. The 'Green List’ Label gives...Read More

Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie officially recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

@ Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie The Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie is now recognized by UNESCO as a new Biosphere Reserve. Biosphere Reserves are designated by national governments and then recognized by UNESCO under its Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme, which promotes...Read More

News from the Alps

Alpine Peatlands: A Key Strategy to Absorb CO2?

A peatland is a particular type of wetland that can be found in naturally intact areas and is generally known for storing greenhouse gasses (GHGs). In the scientific language it is a GHGs ‘sink’. In fact, worldwide peatlands store more carbon than...Read More

Report Available: Key Information from AlpWeek Intermezzo - What Future for the Alps?

From April 3rd to 4th 2019, ten key Alpine organizations put together AlpWeek Intermezzo, an international event on sustainable development and related Alpine issues. This event was a shorter version of AlpWeek, which is held...Read More

Pitch your Project - Youth for the Sustainable Development of the Alps

Involving and empowering Youth in nature conservation is becoming increasingly important. Alparc itself is deeply convinced that young people participation is one fundamental tool to contribute to the preservation of the Alpine natural and cultural heritage. 
To...Read More

International news

Species are Failing to adapt to Climate Change Fast Enough

Source: The Guardian Species living in mountainous areas depend on unique climate conditions, which vary with elevation, for survival. Climate change is modifying these areas and has already resulted in temperature increases, changes in precipitation patterns and more extreme...Read More
ALPBIONET 2030 Final Conference 08-09/10/2019
YOUrALPS Final Conference 10-11/10/2019
25th Danilo Re Memorial 2020 & ALPARC General Assembly 16-19-01/2020

CIPRA Annual Conference – Alpes: Cultural Laboratory 25-26/10/2019
Reading Mountains Festival 11/12/2019
An Authentic Immersion in the Mountains
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