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Climate change’s effects are three time stronger in the Alps than the world’s average (OECD, 2007) and they are already visible in the Alpine region. Even more alarming, according to a recent publication of the Cryosphere review, more than 90% of glacier volume in the Alps could be lost by 2100 depending on the increase in global temperatures.

Alpine countries are committed to climate issues. Climate was the focus of the XV Alpine Conference where a common Declaration by the eight Alpine countries and the European Union was  made, along with two documents setting the Alps on the path to climate neutrality and resilience by 2050.

In this context, Alpine Protected Areas have an important role to play in reducing climate change effects and have been carrying out several actions as adaptation and mitigation measures, promotion, educational activities and dissemination.  

In this newsletter we will provide you with several information and news regarding this issue in the Alps and presenting you some key the actions already developed by the parks.

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News from the network ALPARC

France, Italy and Switzerland discussing Transboundary Wildlife Management

Fauna Suedtirol @ S.Hackhofer About 80 hunters from the three regions Haute Savoie (France), Val d’Aosta (Italy) and Valais (Switzerland) met in Chamonix to share their experience about their respective hunting practices and to evaluate the impact of hunting on ecological connectivity...Lire la suite

Promoting Education for Sustainable Development in the Alps: The Official Launch of the Alpine School Model and International Network OurAlps

More than one hundred people interested in education for sustainable development participated in the international conference “Learning and Networking for sustainable development in the Alps” from May 14th to 15th.  The conference marked the...Lire la suite

Alpine School App: A smart way to discover, learn and experience the Alps

How to make learning approaches interactive and at the same time, effectively implement the principles of Mountain-oriented Education in school activities? These problems, including the active involvement of students in field actions, were faced during...Lire la suite

ALPARC’s Latest Council Meeting in Balderschwang (D)

@ ALPARC The quiet off-season and welcoming Bavarian village of Balderschwang was the host of ALPARC’s latest Council meeting on April 12th and 13th 2019. The official launch of ALPARC’s new regional platform, ALPARC Centr’alps,...Lire la suite

ALPARC CENTR’ALPS - The New Regional Platform of the Network

© ALPARC On Thursday April 11th, 2019, the new regional platform of the Alpine network ALPARC CENTR’ALPS was officially founded in Balderschwang, Nagelfluhkette Nature Park (DE). Directly linked by contract to the ALPARC network,...Lire la suite

News from the protected areas

Climate Change in the Alps: Protected Areas fight back

Climate Change is threatening our planet. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s ‘Special Report’, if global temperatures rise above 1.5 °C (above pre-industrial levels) we will face extreme climate events, a substantial...Lire la suite

“Climate and Protected Areas: ‘Heat ahead!!! Adapting or letting it happen?’” – RNF Congress (France)

This was the emblematic title of the French Nature Reserves’ 38th Congress that was entirely dedicated to a new way of managing protected areas in order to adapt to climate change. When it comes to climate change the Alps are particularly effected....Lire la suite

Management of Protected Areas and Ecosystem Services: Discussions on the role of EMAS held in Mont Avic Natural Park

@ Mont Avic Video EMAS Mont Avic Natural Park, as part of the 30th anniversary of its foundation, promoted a study day entitled "Management of protected areas and ecosystem services - interactions and synergies with EMAS" dedicated to analyzing the synergies between the...Lire la suite

A New Management Plan to Preserve Biodiversity within the next 10 years for the Queyras Natural Reserve

A new management plan for the preservation of the biodiversity in the Ristolas Mont Viso National Nature Reserve has been finalised. The Queyras Regional Nature Park, the managing authority of the Natural Reserve, has produced a massive 405 paged plan...Lire la suite

News from the Alps

XV Alpine Conference: Setting the Tone for the Future of the Alps

ALPARC @ Veronika Widmann French presidency of the Alpine convention
The XV Alpine Conference in Innsbruck, Austria marked the end of the Austrian presidency of the Alpine Convention. During its 2-and-a-half-year leadership, the Austrian presidency focused...Lire la suite

International news

IPBES Biodiversity Report: 1 Million Species at Risk of Extinction

@ Parc-Naziunal-Svizzer_Lozza-Hans On May 6th, 2019, the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) published its report on the state of the world’s biodiversity.  145 scientists from 50 different countries and over 300 experts,...Lire la suite
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Fiera della Sostenibilità Nella Natura Alpina 2019 - 06/2019
European Parks Academy 2019 Seminars - 15-21/07/2019
International Mountain Conference in Innsbruck - 08-12/09/2019
IUCN World Conservation Congress - 11-19/06/2020
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