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The summer has been rich in events for ALPARC! Within the framework of the network’s 20th anniversary celebrations , more than 370 young people from the Alps were the main actors in the collective “Youth at the Top” event. As autumn approaches the anniversary celebrations continue. Both the staff of the APA and the general public are invited to take part in an Land art & Photo contest with the slogan “Connecting People, Mountains and Nature.” In addition, rendezvous at the ALPARC workshop on 12th-13th October in Berchtesgaden to exchange thoughts on what should be the strategy of the protected areas in the years to come. Read all the details in this Newsletter!


News from the network ALPARC

"Youth at the Top" in the Alpine Arc - a real success for the 2015 edition!

The first edition of the international “Youth at the Top” project was a big hit!
With a little help from the sunny weather in the whole Alpine Arc, groups of young people have participated with great enthusiasm in the first edition of this innovative...Read More

Workshop “Alpine protected areas 2030 – a shared vision for the future”

Organized in the frame of the 20 years’ celebration of ALPARC, the workshop which will take place in Berchtesgaden at the 13th of October aims to identify new challenges for the protected areas for the next years - challenges in nature...Read More

Land art & Photo Contest for the 20th anniversary of ALPARC

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, ALPARC - the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, launches a contest titled “Connecting people, mountains and nature”. Since 1995, ALPARC has promoted an intensive exchange among the Protected Areas...Read More

YAPP - Online platform to support youth participation in the Alps

In the frame of the project « Youth Alpine Dialogue » 2014-2015 led by CIPRA International and in which ALPARC was a partner, the work of the youth groups from different alpine countries led to a film about Mobility in the Alps compiling...Read More

News from the protected areas

The role of the scientific councils in the Alpine Protected Areas

To what extent and under what conditions can scientific councils promote scientific research in the protected areas? To what extent do they support the management and governance of these areas and act as mediators in conflicts?
These questions and many...Read More

Testimonies to Climate Change

Climate change has consequences for mountain tourism. In the area occupied by the Écrins National Park/F, mountaineering is a major part of tourist activity in summer. Current climate change is a constraint on professionals, modifying landscapes and...Read More

The international photo contest "Fotografare il Parco" is open

The nature international photo contest of the Stelvio, Gran Paradiso, Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise and Vanoise National Parks is back.
Registration for the 11th edition of the international photo contest “Fotografare il Parco” has opened.
The...Read More

News from the Alps

Photo contest 2015 Alpine Convention

LIFE IN THE ALPS – People, Arts and Culture
Sporty and artsy, young and old; traditional and innovative; farmers and gamers, we look for it all!
Show us what active and vibrant Alps mean to you. Capture the everyday activities of the people...Read More

The EU strategy for the Alpine Region has been launched by the Commission

The 28 July 2015, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) has been officially launched by the European Commission. It is the fourth EU macro-regional strategy. The macro-regional strategy concerns seven countries; five Member States - Austria,...Read More

Tribute to a Visionary

This July we learned of the death, after a long illness, of one of ALPARC’s most committed partners, one who had been very active from the network’s beginnings.
Artur Kammerer, Director of the Nature Parks Office of Alto Adige (Italie), had...Read More
Alpine protected areas 2030 – a shared vision for the future | 12-15/10/2015

CIPRA annual conference 2015 | 25-26/09/2015

Wilderness Academy Days 2015 | 30/09/2015

Congrès commun 2015 Réserves Naturelles de France /Conservatoires d' Espaces Naturels | 07-10 /10/ 2015

Reading mountains | 11/12/2015
 Coordination unit: 2 new staff members!

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