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20 years already – ALPARC, a longstanding partner of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, celebrates this important anniversary this year. Our region is a founding member of the network and from the beginning has been heavily involved in the international exchanges connected to our regional network of protected areas. (...) read more

Marc Joanny,   Provence -Alpes - Côte d’Azur Regional Council


News from the network ALPARC

Youth at the Top!

On 16th July 2015, groups of young people have arranged to meet in several Alpine protected Areas (APA) and natural sites throughout the Alps in order to share a physical, human, cultural and artistic collective experience in the mountains.
This is...Read More

Pilot Regions: a priority for the Platform “Ecological Network”

The alpine Pilot Regions for ecological connectivity stay among the working priorities of the Platform “Ecological Network” of the Alpine Convention.
After the nomination of a new transboundary pilot region between Italy and Slovenia at the last...Read More

News from the protected areas

A hunter “mistakes” a lynx for a fox in the Kalkalpen

The reintroduction of the lynx into Austria is being undermined. Recently the carcass of a dead lynx was found at a taxidermist’s and the Hunting Federation is opposed to any further introduction.
Within the framework of lynx reintroduction in Austria,...Read More

Hydrogen: Energy Innovation in the Vanoise National Park

A First in France: the Col du Palet refuge, in the Vanoise National Park/F, is going to adopt the use of hydrogen to manage its energy.
In June the Col du Palet refuge, set in an exceptional, wild location in the Vanoise National Park, will adopt the...Read More

At the Heart of Nature – 100 Years of Research in the Swiss National Park

With the founding of the Swiss National Park (SNP) in 1914, a fantastic open-air laboratory for the study of the development of nature away from human influence was born. Now, after 100 years, it is time for the researchers of all disciplines to take...Read More

The “National Park Spirit” Brand

The French National Parks have just created a new brand. Named the “National Park Spirit”, it has been created to support the economic actors installed on their territory. The aim of this initiative: to promote the tourism products of the...Read More

News from the Alps

Sustainable Tourism: Criteria for Nature-Based Tourism in the Alps

Naturnaher Tourismus The Alps offer ideal conditions for nature-based tourism.
Ten criteria according to scientific principles were defined in the recent publication by Dominik Siegrist, Susanne Gessner and Lea Ketterer Bonnelame.

The purpose of the 10 scientific criteria...Read More

International news

“Mountains of France” Exhibition in Paris

The mountains of France are going up to Paris.
From 21st March to 21st July 2015, on the railings of the Jardin du Luxembourg (Senate) in Paris, the “Mountains of France” exhibition is presenting French mountains in 83 large-scale pictures.
The...Read More

Help Nepal

Following the devastating earthquake which has claimed more than 7,000 victims, Nepal is in imminent need of help and assistance.
Alparc is joining the support for the populations of Nepal appeal made by Minister Barbara Hendricks, President...Read More
European Day of Parks | 24/05/2016

Little Sydney: Protecting Nature in Europe | 28-31/05/2015

Projection of the Multivision “For the Alps” at Expo Milano 2015 - German Pavillon | 09/06/2015

Symposium of "Alliance in the Alps" | 19-20/06/2015

Interface between science and mountain protected areas | 25-26/06/2015

Youth at the Top – Event | 16/07/2015
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