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Dear readers,


In this newsletter you will find informations concerning :


- the project InnovAlps, which enables an exchange between representatives of protected areas on innovative models of local and regional development,


- the activities related to the topic ecological connectivity, and


- the event “Youth at the top 2016”, where more than 50 activities are already in preparation throughout the Alps and the Carpathians.


The next months will be eventful and we are happy to count on your participation in one or the other upcoming events.

With best wishes for the summer season,

the ALPARC team


News from the network ALPARC

Life of the association

After its general assembly in January ALPARC has also organised a reunion of the “Groupe de Suivi National” (National steering group), where over 10 French participants came together (park directors and financiers). (...)

InnovAlps: Transnational exchange on social and spatial innovation in nature parks

All over the Alps nature parks are working at challenging the view on regional development and lead them to change. Due to their experience and expertise in social and spatial innovation they can be seen as “ambassadors of change” who can (...)

Alpine Conference in Grassau: the Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity in the Spotlight

Summer 2016 will provide the opportunity to take stock of the actions, initiatives and achievements of the 8 Pilot Regions for Ecological Connectivity since they were appointed in 2011 by the Alpine Convention. In fact, the process of appointing (...)

“Youth at the Top” 2nd Edition: A Civic and Symbolic Experience July 12th 2016 in the Alps

On July 12th 2016, groups of young people will meet in several protected areas and natural sites throughout the Alps in order to share a physical, human, cultural and artistic collective experience in the mountains.(...)

Winter sports activities and wildlife: is coexistence possible?

Feedback from the international “Wildlife and winter sport activities” workshop
3rd and 4th March 2016, Lescheraines (Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park (RNP) FR). Organised by the Massif des Bauges RNP, ASTERS and ALPARC (...)

News from the protected areas


Winter Tourism – the Climate Challenge

Christophe Clivaz has co-authored a book about the future of ski areas and the impending change to the paradigm of Alpine tourism.

CIPRA International takes stock of 25 years of the Alpine Convention

Many results have been achieved. The Alpine Convention has opened out to young people, spurred on notably by CIPRA. However, solutions to other issues are more urgent than ever. (...)

The film « People, Books and Mountains » by the Alpine Convention is available

In the film “People, Books and Mountains, The Quest for alpine literature”, produced by the Alpine Convention, authors from across the Alps describe where they find inspiration for writing and what their link to the Alps is. (...)

Fotografare il parco - international nature photo contest

The international jury designated the winners of the nature photo contest " Fotografare il parco" 11th edition out of more than 300 contestant. The contest is organized by Italian National Parks of Stelvio, Gran Paradiso and Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and in the French National Park de la Vanoise.(...)

Combining memberships

Fedenatur and EUROPARC Federation have reach an agreement to create an organisation, representing parks from the city to the sea and from the metropolitan to the mountain tops. EUROPARC network will grow by 10%.(...)

EPA: European Parks‘ Academy

A unique training opportunity for managers and executives in protected area management.

In July 2016 the „European Parks‘ Academy” takes place in Klagenfurt.(...)


European Park Academy logo



International news

Recommendation: “Parks of the Future - Protected Areas in Europe Challenging Regional and Global Change”

Current challenges like shortage of resources, urban sprawl, demographic change and climate change call for the development of regional solutions. As ‘future labs’ of sustainability protected areas have gained increasing attention in addressing (...)

Interpret Europe Conference 2016 21-24/05/2016


European Day of Parks 24/05/2015


SÉJOURS SCIENCES AU MONT-BLANC pluiseurs dates : fin juin, debout juillet


Rencontre d'Alliance dans les Alpes et CIPRA France: "Transition énergétique : Quelles perspectives de formation et d’emplois pour mieux vivre dans les Alpes ?" 23-24/06/2016


Fiera della sostenibilità nella natura alpina June 2016


Mountains 2016 international event 03-07/10/2016


ALPARC Conference: “Alpine Nature Parks – Models for Change” 29-30 September 2016


AlpWeek: Alps & People. Living culture! 11-15 October 2016


4th Workshop “Mountain Environmental Education in the Alpine Protected Areas” 18-19/10/2016



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