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Massimo Bocca, Director Parco naturale Montavic

Alparc is an opportunity, an open window to the outside, especially for a small protected area like us. We mostly just exist on a local scale. The Montavic park manages a small territory and it's for us very important to keep an eye on what's going on in other Alpine protected areas. Alparc opens us this possibility, they help us to get to know otherones experiences, to meet other people and even to problematical subjects we don't have to deal with yet .
Beyond this simple knowledge of what happens elsewhere, Alparc enables us to share experiences, it means having structured and argued discussions with experts which share their knowledge. Alparc eases access to international projects especially European ones. This access is possible thanks to those meetings and exchanges I mentioned before. The main strength of such a network is to find common problematics and to be able to set up common programs to find solutions.