Martedì 7 febbraio 2017 alle ore 15.30 presso l'Aula Magna dell'Università della Montagna a Edolo, Alessandro Meinardi - Direttore Parco dello Stelvio - Lombardia - terrà il seminario "Il Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio come volano di sviluppo del territorio?".

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The YOUrALPS project has been recently approved in the frame of the 2nd call of the INTERREG Alpine Space Programme (2014- 2020). 

The main aim of the project is to raise youth awareness on the entire Alpine natural and cultural heritage, by supporting youth environmental educational process via interconnected formal and non-formal education considering the Alps as natural, cultural, living and work space beyond borders.

The Lead Partner (LP), ALPARC - the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, launches a tender for management support for all tasks of financial management and smooth support for project administrative co-ordination.Participation is open to all legal persons who are established in a Member State of the European Union or in a country or territory of the regions covered and/or authorized by the specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed.

Find the procurements, the terms of reference and all other relevant documents below

Deadline for tender submissions is the 15th of January 2017.



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V času Alpskega tedna in Alpske konference so predstavniki mreže zavarovanih območij v Alpah ALPARC nemški zvezni ministrici za okolje Dr. Barbari Hendricks in uradnemu predstavništvu avstrijskega predsedstva Alpske konvencije predali dokument s političnimi zahtevami za prihodnost alpskih zavarovanih območij.

Člani in članice mreže ALPARC so dotični dokument z naslovom The future of Protected Areas in the Alps - Political Demands (Prihodnost zavarovanih območij v Alpah. Politične zahteve) zasnovali v sklopu obeleževanja 20. obletnice delovanja omenjene nevladne organizacije. Vsebina dokumenta temelji na šestih zahtevah, ki so ključnega pomena za alpska zavarovana območja pri zagotavljanju trajnega in uspešnega uresničevanja njihovega poslanstva na področju varstva narave, zaščite krajine in trajnostnega razvoja.

Dokument je objavljen spodaj v obliki PDF v angleščini in vseh alpskih jezikih.

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Coeurs de Nature en Haute Savoie

Cet ouvrage d’art est le fruit d'une démarche tout à fait originale menée par Asters, Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie (organisation technique de gestion des espaces naturels) en collaboration avec Eric Alibert (peintre aquarelliste, naturaliste) et Jean-Jacques Fresko pour la rédaction des textes.
L’idée de croiser les savoirs et les approches, a amené le peintre à réaliser une série d’œuvres artistiques sur les espaces remarquables de Haute-Savoie... département qui n'en est pas dépourvu !
9 réserves naturelles nationales, plus de 50 sites protégés aux statuts divers, des espaces naturels d’exception comme le Léman, le Mont-Blanc, etc…

Eric Alibert a produit plus de 200 aquarelles, peintures, dessins, au cours de ces nombreux «arpentages » en compagnie de l'équipe technique d'Asters pendant plusieurs semaines à différentes saisons.
De ce travail de création est né le livre « Cœurs de nature en Haute-Savoie – Entre Léman et Mont-Blanc » que nous vous invitons à découvrir dans la présentation en pièce jointe.


Contact et diffusion:


     Anne-Laurence MAZENQ
     0033 (0)4 50 66 47 62
     al.mazenq [at]

Nedelja, 11 December 2016 13:39

Reading mountains festival

For the second year between the 5th and 11th of December, the Alpine Convention organize the Reading mountains Festival. The festival is an occasion to celebrate the Alpine literature and to promote the cultural differences and similarities all along the Alps.

ALPARC supports the initiative "Reading Mountains" Festival by co- organizing an event in Chambéry - France. You are invited to take part in the event “Montagnes et Littérature” taking place from the 07th to the 11th December 2016 in Chambéry (FR)

The event is co-organised by Chambéry Municipality, the Chambéry Office Tourisme & Promotion, the Association Montanea & several other partners.

Download the detailed programme of the event “ Montagnes et Littérature” - Chambéry (FR)


We invite all of you to participate!

 Visit The Alpine Convention Website


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For the second year between the 5th and 11th of December, the Alpine Convention organizes the Reading mountains Festival. The festival is an occasion to celebrate the Alpine literature and to promote cultural differences and similarities all along the Alps.

We invite all of you to participate!

Protected areas, associations or interested organization are all invited to organize their own event in the frame of the Reading Mountains Festival with a reading by a local author, by a presentation of a book taking place in the region or by finding all the innovative way to promote the Alpine literature.

This festival was launched in 2015 under the German presidency of Alpine convention 2015-2016 and the Permanent secretariat in order to celebrate on the 11th of December the International Mountain day. The idea is to exalt all the cultural specificities and similarities through the Festival’s events which promote the modern alpine literature in different places around the Alps and enable people to connect.

The Mountains reading festival represents also an occasion to discuss about alpine literature, its meaning, its impact and purpose. In 2015 some mountains lovers and actors discussed these issues and some of these discussion were captured in the film “People, Books and mountain –The Quest for Alpine literature”.

The first edition was a great success, with more than 100 events in all the Alpine countries, in four alpine languages and several dialects.

We strongly encourage all the Protected areas and alpine actors to participate this year!

For more information, registration, suggestions, ideas and materials visit the Alpine convention website.

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The next Workshop “Mountain Environmental Education in the Alpine Protected Areas” will take place on 18th and 19th October 2016 at the Mercantour National Park/France. As usual, it is a 2-days work meeting addressed to staff of Alpine Protected Areas in charge of education.

Please find below the programme description and some practical information.

Registration is closed since September the 15th.




     Logo EducAlpesPN Mercantour





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Četrtek, 28 Maj 2015 02:00

Foto natečaj 2015

ŽIVLJENJE V ALPAH – ljudje, umetnost, kultura

Športniki in umetniki , mladi in stari, tradicionalni in inovatorji, kmetje in igralci, vse to iščemo!

Pokaži nam, kaj aktivne in dinamične Alpe pomenijo tebi. Ujemi vsakdanje aktivnosti ljudi, ki živijo v Alpah in pokaži medgeneracijske izmenjave in prenose znanja; poskušaj ujeti čustva življenja v Alpah in Alpske konvencije v svoji biti. Sodeluj v Foto natečaju Alpske konvencije za leto 2015. Pokaži nam svoj pogled na alpski vsakdan.

Več informacij:

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The Alps offer ideal conditions for nature-based tourism.

Ten criteria according to scientific principles were defined in the recent publication by Dominik Siegrist, Susanne Gessner and Lea Ketterer Bonnelame.

The purpose of the 10 scientific criteria laid down by the writers is to help tourism industry professionals and destinations to respond better to demand and improve standards of quality. They include the protection of nature, landscape maintenance or environmental education.

Dominik Siegrist reminds us of the many examples of nature-based tourism that already exist in the Alps, such as the “climbing villages” of Austria, those certified villages which have chosen the path of sustainable tourism in line with tradition. He calls on political leaders to face up to their responsibilities by adapting regulatory conditions. This idea has won support in Germany: the two villages of Ramsau and Hinterstein are due to receive this seal of approval soon. Involvement and motivation on the part of the population have been vital in the procedure of approval, one of the criteria set out by the writers.

Incidentally, the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswill is organising a congress on the subject on 10th June 2015 under the title “Savouring Nature instead of Event Burnout”


Source : CIPRA International, and additional information : (de), Siegrist, D., Gessner, S., Ketterer Bonnelame, L. (2015). Naturnaher Tourismus. Qualitätsstandards für sanftes Reisen in den Alpen. Bristol-Schriftenreihe 44. Bern. (de)

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The mountains of France are going up to Paris.
From 21st March to 21st July 2015, on the railings of the Jardin du Luxembourg (Senate) in Paris, the “Mountains of France” exhibition is presenting French mountains in 83 large-scale pictures.

The exhibition is a journey at high altitude in the French massifs, including the Alps, showing the beauty, wealth and diversity of the French mountains. An exhibition which is an incentive to go and discover these mountain territories and their inhabitants.

“Mountains of France” is also a publication: a glossy magazine of 116 pages containing all the photographs on view at the Paris exhibition.

Participating in this event are, among others, the National Parks of France (PNF) and the Federation of Regional Nature Parks.

On the occasion of this exhibition, two days of seminars, admission free, will bring together French mountain experts in the Palais du Luxembourg (Paris – FR):
-    Thursday 4th June  2015: "Reinventing Mountains Today"
-    Friday 5th June: "High Mountains, an Experience that Makes Life Worthwhile"

You will find more information at this link

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