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ALPARC 2019 General Assembly

The ALPARC General Assembly was held in Les Contamines Montjoies France on 25th January 2019 traditionally within the context of the yearly Memorial Danilo Re (24th edition) which took place in the Contamines Natural Reserve (ASTERS, France). The Memorial and General Assembly coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Natural Reserve.
The General Assembly was held in the presence of the Ambassador and General Secretary of the Alpine Convention, Markus Reiterer, the representative of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Simone Remund and the representative of the CGET Philipphe Matheron. Moreover, the representatives of the of the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region, Genevieve Borodine and the representative of the Sud Region Robert Gentili were also present.
The members of all the protected areas and of every category were well represented and this enabled the Assembly to validate the reports of the president, the treasurer and the director , the activity programme 2018- 2019 as well as the budget for 2019

Other important issues debated at the General Assembly concerned the new Alpine Space projects presented for the 4th Call of the Programme and the ongoing activities of the current European projects: ALPBIONET2030 , YOUrALPS and GaYA. The perspectives and futures of ALPARC’s actions were discussed. In this frame, the members approved the elaboration of three-year programme from 2020 and voted for a larger consultation of the members via workshops for the elaboration of the new programme. The role of ALPARC within the Alpine Convention and the Alpine Macro-regional Strategy was confirmed

The members also approved the concept of an event for the 25th anniversary of ALPARC, as a tour in the Alps bringing a common message and to link in to the IUCN Word Conference in Marseille. The members also validated the establishment of the ALPARC regional platform in the central Alps (Bavaria) with a legal entity directly linked to the ALPARC network in order to get access to new support and members on a regional and transboundary level.

A big thank you to ASTERS for holding a very constructive General Assembly whose decisions clearly show that ALPARC is open to the reinforcement of a shared cooperation between the alpine protected areas.

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A new Director for the Swiss National Park

The Federal National Park Commission has appointed Ruedi Haller as the new director of the Swiss National Park. On 1 October 2019, he will succeed Prof. Heinrich Haller who wishes to retire.
The Director is responsible for the operational management of the Swiss National Park. He heads the Park and its 3 divisions: Operations and Monitoring, Research and Geographic Information Systems, Communication and Public Relations. 45 employees share 27 full-time positions. The management and administration of the Park is centralized in Zernez, where the Visitor Centre was built 10 years ago. The Federal National Park Commission (FNTC), appointed by the Federal Council, is the strategic body of the Swiss National Park.
Ruedi Haller will be the seventh director to assume operational management of the oldest national park in the Alps since its foundation in 1914.
We offer our congratulations to Ruedi Haller and wish him all the best as director.

Source: http://www.nationalpark.ch/de/about/mediencorner/medienmitteilungen/medienmitteilungen-2018/der-neue-direktor-des-schweizerischen-nationalparks-heisst-ruedi-haller/

The successful two-year WeWild project ("We respect Alpine Wildlife") on ecologically friendly mountain sports has officially been completed. On November 7th, the final event of the project was officially held at the Alpine Museum of the Alpine Club in Munich. Once again, the project mobilized a large number of German and international stakeholders from protected area managements, Alpine clubs, authorities and nature conservation organisations, who used this day to exchange their experiences. The lively group discussions in the afternoon revealed current problems such as the growing influence of social media and online communities on the number of visits to sensitive natural areas. Options for action were discussed. The final event showed that all actors in the fields of nature conservation and (sustainable) nature sports in the Alps should take a stand on "overtourism" and "overmountaineering" and should jointly develop solutions.

Through the WeWild project and for the Alpine protected areas, ALPARC was able to launch a joint communication and cooperation initiative on human-nature conflicts in nature and mountain sports: "Be Part of the Mountain" (BPM). In the future, this initiative should promote the exchange of sustainable solutions, increase the reach of regional and local initiatives and develop joint awareness-raising tools and messages for nature conservation in mountain sports.
With the first snow that has arrived these days in the Alps, the number of members of “Be Part of the Mountain” has already risen to nine. Most recently, the Massif des Bauges Nature Park in France and the Dobratsch Nature Park in Austria were officially added as members. Members of BPM are officially committed to and promote the vision and common values of the initiative for ecologically friendly mountain sports that does not neglect nature conservation. They are involved - some of them already very successfully - at their level - in area management, visitor guidance and awareness-raising communication.

The following organisations are members of the initiative "Be Part of the Mountain" at the end of 2018:

•    The Ossola Protected Areas, Italy
•    CIPRA Italia, Italy
•    The UNESCO Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site, Switzerland
•    The Vercors Regional Natural Park, France
•    The Mont Avic Natural Park, Italy
•     The Nagelfluhkette Natural Park, Germany
•     The Dobratsch Natural Park, Austria
•    The Regional Natural Massif des Bauges Park, France

For more information see: www.bepartofthemountain.org

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ALPARC is currently carrying out the Destination Parks project, which aims to promote the exchange of Alpine park destinations on sustainable tourism and to develop a common positioning of these regions in Alpine tourism. In October and December, regional exchanges took place in three best practise regions: the Queyras Nature Park in the Southern French Alps, the Gesäuse National- and Nature Park Region in Styria and the Dobratsch Nature Park in Carinthia.
In France, in the Queyras, the participants exchanged notably on the development of sustainable products for park tourism and their marketing (target groups, nature-oriented activities and packages). The marketed tourism products are tightly linked to the natural and cultural heritage of the Queyras valley. The visits to the regions in Carinthia and Styria were successfully organized by ALPARC as a study trip: In the Gesäuse region, the exchange focused primarily on regional branding and cooperation (for whom, how and what). The presentation of the successful development of the "Gesäuse" brand by the regional tourism organisation made the exchange very concrete and the discussions highlighted important success factors. At the Dobratsch, Villach's local mountain in Carinthia, the participants were then given a lively demonstration of what the future of low altitude ski resorts in the Alps could look like. Since 2002, the local stakeholders have positioned the Nature Park as a sustainable nature showplace (NaturSchauPlatz) for everyone, whereby the tourism strategy is coupled with a holistic visitor guidance concept. As part of the "Magische Momente" (Magic Moments) campaign, nature-based tourism offers are cross-marketed in Carinthia's nature parks.
The exchanges in the three regions have provided the participants with many good examples of a more sustainable Alpine tourism. In all three regions, success factors for the cooperation between tourism organisations and protected area managements as well as for the development of partner programmes also came to light. The partner programmes in particular are extremely important for sustainable tourism and the valorisation of regional production, as they can promote ownership of the protected area idea among locals and visitors alike.
The project is carried out with support of the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU, Switzerland).

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New Biosphere Reserves in the Alps

Last July 2018 two new areas were recognised as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Italy: the Valle Camonica – Alto Sebino Biosphere Reserve and the Ticino, Val Grande Verbano Biosphere Reserve, which has been extended. This is an important step towards the promotion of solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use.

The Valle Camonica – Alto Sebino Biosphere Reserve is located in Lombardy and includes also some territory of the Parco dell’ Adamello. The area is characterized by typical Alpine and pre-Alpine valleys, ranging from valley bottom landscapes to the highest peaks of Europe and the Adamello Glacier, and ending in Lake Iseo, one of Italy’s largest basins.
The Val Ticino Biosphere was created in 2002. Last July it was extended to include the Val Grande Verbano area. The area is located in the north of Italy, at the meeting point of the culturally rich regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. The enlarged Biosphere also includes territories of the Val Grande National Park, areas close to Lake Maggiore and its municipalities as far as the Swiss border. The reserve functions as an important ecological corridor within the urbanized and industrialized Po plain.
The main role of the UNESCO Biosphere reserves is to harmonize conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through partnerships between people and nature.  In general, the UNESCO Biosphere reserves play a key role in the transition to green development, in particular for sustainable tourism.

For further information: http://www.parcovalgrande.it/novdettaglio.php?id=49123





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New edition of eco.mont journal available

The new edition of eco.mont - Journal of protected mountain areas research is now available!

The journal is aimed at scientists, managers of protected areas and interested individuals on research and management issues related to protected areas in the Alps and other protected mountain areas. It is on its 10th anniversary and was founded as a joint initiative by the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC), the International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps (ISCAR), the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the University of Innsbruck.

eco.mont is published twice a year as a collaboration of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press and Innsbruck University Press

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Below you will find the documentation of the ALPARC conference "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) in protected areas: opportunities and threats" that was held the 27th and 28th of March 2018 in Dobbiaco.

See the programme of the conference here

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The European Parks Academy (EPA) is a new international training format that addresses the increasing capacity needs for planning and effectively managing protected areas.
The unique cooperation between IUCN´s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), the research institution E.C.O. and the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt resulted in well-designed and targeted training modules hold by renown experts.
After a successful first round of the academy in 2017 (IUCN News), this year´s event will focus again on three highly relevant topics: „Branding & Communication“, „Ecological Monitoring“ and „Management of World Heritage Sites”. The summer academy takes place from 16th to 28th July 2018 in Klagenfurt/Austria.


Find the program flyer here.
Further information and registration: https://e-c-o.at/epa.html
Andrej Sovinc, IUCN´s WCPA: wcpa.sovinc@gmail.com
Alexandra Joseph, E.C.O. Institute of Ecology: epa@e-c-o.at

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The aim of this ALPARC event is to provide an overview about the variety of possible uses of the new and rapidly evolving technology for different tasks in the missions of protected areas. Potential dangers of unappropriated use of UAS will also be highlighted.

The use of drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems/UAS) has considerably increased during the last years, also in the alpine Protected Areas. This new technology has integrated the modern park management and is used for multiple purposes (monitoring, mapping, remote sensing, photography, technical interventions in inaccessible areas…), offering numerous interesting possibilities. On the other hand the use of drones by park managers but particularly also by external persons may cause important disturbances to the protected areas. 
aquila contro drone
During the conference the legal situation in the different alpine countries will be presented and an introduction to general UAS technology given. Protected areas managers and other professional drone users will present very diverse possibilities of use of drones in the day to day tasks of protected areas and discuss further potential challenges for the new technology with the participants. A demonstration of flying performances by experienced drone pilots is forseen. An overview about potential negative impacts of the flying devises and how to limit them will close the event.

Discover the programme here.


The Conference will take place the 26th and 27th March 2018 in the Grand Hotel in Toblach/Dobbiaco (Italy). Registration is open !

To register for the conference, please click on the button below.



The event is organized with the logistical and financial support of :


 BMUB tranparent         logo IDM Sudtirol


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The video clip reflecting the atmosphere of the 3rd edition of Youth at Top has just been released !
Are you curious? Please have a look and discover the experiences lived by our young participants and their guides.

The third edition of “Youth at the Top” took place on July 11th and July 12th in six Alpine countries and three countries of the Carpathians.This time, the international youth event hosted 48 events which involved numerous different day and night activities.
Hence, more than 500 enthusiastic young people from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Romania and Slovakia set out on a great adventure to discover the treasures of the mountain environment.

For more information about the 2017 edition, please consult the Youth at the Top website.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 12th of July 2018 !

This international initiative is coordinated by ALPARC and supported by the German Ministry for the Environment and the Principality of Monaco.

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