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National Parks Austria ( and Hohe Tauern National Park ( are pleased to announce the 6th International Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, 2nd – 4th of November 2017.

The symposium will be held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Salzburg, Austria. The Call for Themed Sessions is now open: please enter your suggestions for themed sessions before 31 October 2016 online on

At this symposium researchers, protected areas managers, as well as individuals from government, business, non-governmental organizations and the general public, who are interested in protected areas, may present and discuss topics which are highly significant for protected areas and are currently taken up by research. The manifold aspects of the interrelation between protection aims, protected area management and the impacts on nature, society and the regional economy in times of transition form the general thematic base of this international conference, held every four years since 1996.

Six of Austria’s most ecologically valuable regions have been designated as national parks. They reflect the great diversity of this Central European country: high mountains, forests, water and riparian marshes, and steppes. Austria is part of two biogeographic regions: the alpine and the continental, and most of the Austrian national parks are part of two important regional networks for protected areas: ALPARC and DanubePARKS. In close cooperation with these regional networks, and supported by scientific institutions, we are looking for entries across the entire geographic region from the Western Alps to the Danube Delta.

2-stage Call
In order to identify current issues of relevance for both research and protected areas, the organizers of the Symposium invite all interested individuals, institutions, protected areas, networks and initiatives to propose topics and contributions to this event in two stages: First, we are asking you now to propose session topics. Second, in early 2017 you will be invited to submit presentations for the definitive themed sessions. The conference programme will be finalized by the end of June 2017.

09.Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Kärntner

Call for Themed Sessions
First, please suggest topics for themed sessions. A themed session can be organized as a series of presentations, as a workshop or as a chaired discussion and will last 1.5 hours (or 2x1.5 hours).

Please enter your suggestions for themed sessions no later than 31 October 2016 online on

All proposals to be written in English.

Following a review, the organizers will decide on definitive themed sessions by 12 December 2016.
We welcome research topics from all disciplines and basic or applied research relevant for protected areas. We are looking especially for proposals of:
 •    sessions with a clear link to highly significant topics for protected areas and/or management practices
 •    session themes addressing current research or innovative approaches
 •    sessions that promise contributions from different countries (i.e. not park- or country-specific)
 •   sessions focusing on current research approaches to wilderness and wilderness areas in Europe, on one or more aspects like natural processes, global change, threats, visitors, education or   governance


Please note:
Conference language will be English.
There will be no refunding of costs for travelling, accommodation and meals that are not included in the conference. We are unable to award grants.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals of themed sessions for the 6th International Symposium for Research in Protected Areas 2017 in Salzburg!

Many thanks in advance!

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The international conference of LabEx ITEM " Mountain regions, territories of innovation" will be held in the City Territory - Université de Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France, from 11 to 13 January 2017.

The aim of this project is to conduct a social, economic and cultural analysis of innovation in Mountain Territories. A lot of issues will be debated, such as : What role in innovation at the local and regional levels (and their links)? Which meanings and visions of the mountain are at issue in the light of change? And what kind of territories emerge from these transitions?

More information and registration :

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ALPARC krepi svoje delovanje  v smeri « regionalnega razvoja in kakovosti življenja ».  V okviru projekta InnovAlps je mreža v tesnem sodelovanju z nacionalnimi zvezami naravnih parkov Francije, Avstrije in Švice oktobra letos izbrala tri pilotne regije : Tirolski naravni park Lech v Avstriji, regijski naravni park Baronnies Provençales na jugu Francije in regijski naravni park Pfyn-Finges v kantonu Valais v Švici. Značilnost vseh treh regij so celostna razvojna strategija in posebno inovativni projekti, čeprav se te regije strukturno zelo razlikujejo.

Projekt innovAlps analizira in prikazuje inovativne pristope k regionalnemu razvoju na zavarovanih alpskih območjih in v njihovih regijah. Cilj projekta je spodbujati izmenjavo izkušenj med zavarovanimi območji na področju inovacije in regionalnega razvoja ter razvijati priporočila za druge regije. Kako lahko izgleda inovacija na zavarovanih območjih ? Kako razvijati nove ideje ? Kako druge akterje motivirati k sodelovanju ? Kako inovativnim pristopom zagotoviti stalen uspeh ? Odgovore na ta vprašanja bi moralo dati delo s tremi pilotnimi regijami. ALPARC vodi ta projekt na zahtevo švicarskega Zveznega urada za okolje FOEN.


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The Alps offer ideal conditions for nature-based tourism.

Ten criteria according to scientific principles were defined in the recent publication by Dominik Siegrist, Susanne Gessner and Lea Ketterer Bonnelame.

The purpose of the 10 scientific criteria laid down by the writers is to help tourism industry professionals and destinations to respond better to demand and improve standards of quality. They include the protection of nature, landscape maintenance or environmental education.

Dominik Siegrist reminds us of the many examples of nature-based tourism that already exist in the Alps, such as the “climbing villages” of Austria, those certified villages which have chosen the path of sustainable tourism in line with tradition. He calls on political leaders to face up to their responsibilities by adapting regulatory conditions. This idea has won support in Germany: the two villages of Ramsau and Hinterstein are due to receive this seal of approval soon. Involvement and motivation on the part of the population have been vital in the procedure of approval, one of the criteria set out by the writers.

Incidentally, the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswill is organising a congress on the subject on 10th June 2015 under the title “Savouring Nature instead of Event Burnout”


Source : CIPRA International, and additional information : (de), Siegrist, D., Gessner, S., Ketterer Bonnelame, L. (2015). Naturnaher Tourismus. Qualitätsstandards für sanftes Reisen in den Alpen. Bristol-Schriftenreihe 44. Bern. (de)

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The French National Parks have just created a new brand. Named the “National Park Spirit”, it has been created to support the economic actors installed on their territory. The aim of this initiative: to promote the tourism products of the territory which contribute to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the parks.

The 10 French National Parks are concerned by this brand, including the 3 Alpine parks: the Ecrins, Mercantour and Vanoise Parks.

What is the purpose of this brand?
With this brand, the National Park lends its positive image to products or services that meet the criteria of sustainable development and a strong local anchorage. Professionals awarded this brand will be able to differentiate themselves in the eyes of those members of the public who are motivated by the preservation of the environment and the preservation and discovery of the local heritage. Furthermore, this contract arrangement will make it possible to develop a solid partnership between the National Park and the actors of the territory.

The advantages and benefits are:
- The right to use the brand and the valorisation of the partnership with the National Park.
-  Support in the use of the brand (training, labels, posters, welcoming tools, etc.).
-  Actions in communication and local and national promotion of the approved products and services.

The implementation of the brand is within the framework of the regulations governing generic use which specify the general terms of use and the procedures to be followed by socio-professionals who wish to work in partnership with the National Parks.


For all details: Ecrins National Park - Mercantour National Park

Bogastvo družbe, raznolikost narave – izkoristiti in dolgoročno krepiti glavna aduta alpskih občin

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville/F, 19. - 20. 6. 2015

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Le projet Territoires à énergie positive Alpins (TEPos Alpins) mené par CIPRA France, vise à mettre en réseau des territoires de montagne faiblement dotés en moyens humains, techniques et financiers avec des territoires déjà engagés dans la transition énergétique. Les objectifs sont d’impulser une réflexion énergétique chez les TEPos Alpins et de leur apporter un appui sur les questions qui les préoccupent en matière énergétique.

Six territoires aux caractéristiques variées sont désormais dans le projet (quelques autres sont encore en réflexion). Il s’agit de la commune de Sausses (04), la communauté de communes du Pays des Ecrins (05), la communauté de communes Haute Maurienne Vanoise (73), l’Assemblée du Pays Tarentaise Vanoise (73), le Pays Asses, Verdon, Vaïre, Var (04) et le parc naturel régional des Préalpes d’Azur (06).

CIPRA France ira à leur rencontre afin d’identifier les freins auxquels ils sont confrontés pour mettre en place des actions sur leur territoire. Un voyage d’étude se déroulera dans les Bauges en septembre, où les TEPos Alpins pourront bénéficier de retours d’expériences ainsi que visualiser des réalisations de production d’énergies renouvelables et des actions de réduction des consommations énergétiques.

Article publié sur par CIPRA France

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 Na mednarodni delavnici, ki jo je gostil naravni regionalni park Chartreuse (Francija), in je potekala od 13. do 15. oktobra 2011, je več kot 30 znanstvenikov in upravljavcev z zavarovanimi območji iz celotne Evrope razpravljalo o vlogi gorskih zavarovanih območij v regionalnem razvoju območij.

Razprava je bila sestavljena iz prispevkov priznanih, in prav za to priložnost izbranih strokovnjakov s področja zavarovanih območij iz Nemčije, Švice, Norveške in Avstrije.

Po mnenju prisotnih strokovnjakov, in kar je razvidno tudi iz različnih znanstvenih študij, so ekonomski učinki v glavnem vezani na dodano vrednost, ki jo znotraj zavarovanega območja ustvari turizem. V prihodnje bi se morale raziskave posvečati gospodarskim priložnostim zavarovanih območij (ekosistemske in kulturne storitve, ipd.), z vključevanjem regionalnih zainteresiranih partnerjev (dojemanje, sprejemanje, različne ravni upravljanja, itd.), in spremembo upravljanja na regionalni ravni (ukrepi prilagajanja na podnebne in demografske spremembe, itd.). 

 Delavnico sta skupaj organizirala ISCAR (Mednarodni znanstveni komite za preučevanje Alp),ALPARC (Mreža zavarovanih območij v Alpah) koordinirana preko Task Force Zavarovana območja Stalnega sekretariata Alpske konvencije in NeReGro (Mreža za regionalni razvoj in zavarovana območja). Več rezultatov delavnice bo objavljenih naslednji številki revije eco.mont – Revija za raziskovanje in upravljanje z gorskimi zavarovanimi območji, ki bo izšla leta 2012.

Več informacij: 

Objavljeno v Novice mreže ALPARC

 Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès, en partenariat avec la Ville de Chambéry, la DATAR, la Région Rhône-Alpes, le Conseil général de la Savoie, Grenoble Alpes-Métropole, Orange, Atout France et Hohneck consultants, vous invite à participer à deux journées de réflexion sur les solidarités et équilibres entre la ville et ses territoires de proximité, parcs et montagnes:

« Solidarités et équilibres entre ville et montagne »

Les 28 et 29 novembre 2013 au Centre de congrès le Manège, à Chambéry

Entrée gratuite sur inscription (bulletin ci-dessous)

Seront abordés et commentés au fil des études de cas cinq grands thèmes, représentatifs des massifs français:

1 - Liaisons plaine-massifs : se déplacer autrement
2 - Le numérique, un outil au service des équilibres et des solidarités entre ville et montagne
3 - Solidarités et équilibres sur le lien social et culturel
4 - Solidarités et équilibres sur le thème terroir et territoire
5 - Solidarités des villes vers les territoires de montagne de proximité

Vous trouverez le programme détaillé ci-dessous.

Inscription: merci de retourner le bulletin d'inscription dûment complété à

Toutes les infos sur le site

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Sreda, 03 Oktober 2012 02:00

Park kot snovalec zagona dejavnosti

Oživitev in ustvarjanje tematskih dejavnosti predstavlja sredstvo ohranjanja in krepitve gospodarske vitalnosti območja ter podjetij. Francoski regionalni park Chartreuse poskuša na primer spodbujati oživitev in ustanavljanje podjetij.

V sodelovanju z drugimi gospodarskimi dejavniki v prostoru (notranjimi in zunanjimi), želi park olajšati postopke za projekte, ki se bodo odvijali na območju parka Chartreuse.

Za to ponuja:

1) Sprejemno pisarno, ki pomaga pri projektih in snovanju idej
2) Uradno povezavo s podpornimi strukturami
3) Dostop do informacij in družbeno-gospodarskih podatkov o prostoru
4) Pomoč pri izvedbi projekta z lokalnim znanjem in zmožnostmi

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