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Heinrich Haller, Director of the Swiss National Park

 "For me, what's important is having contacts and exchanges with other managers of protected areas. Before ALPARC, our contacts, for example, were largely limited to our own country, and 20 years ago we had little contact even with our neighbour, the Italian Stelvio National Park, which seems unbelievable now […] Nowadays, there is considerable cross-border cooperation between the two adjoining national parks. ALPARC and its programmes have been a key contributing factor."

"Personal contact with colleagues and trust between protected area managers, both of which are facilitated by the excellent working atmosphere and the work done by ALPARC, are naturally very useful."

"Over the years, ALPARC has created a framework that allows protected areas to share their expertise. The information shared and lessons learned all refer to a homogeneous region: the Alps. That gives us a clear advantage over other networks."

"ALPARC also often sets up initiatives to take steps or implement projects that parks could never realise individually. The work and resources are shared. […] The shared projects can only be undertaken by a group of parks and mean we do not have to keep reinventing the wheel. It is only through cooperation between the protected areas that we can produce top-quality projects."

"Together with other partners, ALPARC in this regard [ecological networks] has laid the foundation for guaranteeing modern nature conservation in the Alps."

"[…]In conclusion, we can say that ALPARC offers its members a wide range of benefits, but also creates a common starting point that enables protected areas in the Alps to fulfil their key mission. The protected spaces work and rally together for the Alps."

Heinrich Haller