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Hans Lozza - Head of communication and public relations, Swiss national park

  For the Swiss National Park, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC) is a very important partner at the international level. ALPARC eases the exchange between protected areas, enables the use of synergies and the realisation of joint projects. The latest example is the Multivision project.
Through such activities in the recent years, a new identity and a sense of an Alpine feeling of togetherness in-between the Alpine protected areas arose - something which was not conceivable in the past.

Beyond the institutional contacts, it is mainly the numerous personal contacts and experiences which have forged a faithfulness big community. The General Assembly 2010 in Zernez or contacts in connection with the Danilo Re Trophy were for us unforgettable moments.

All of this is the result of the commitment of ALPARC and its partners.
Conservation efforts and awareness raising programs need to deal with different levels and different spatial dimensions. To think Alpine-wide goes beyond the borders of countries and protected areas.

This cooperation's level is mandatory to preserve the extraordinary Alpine ecosystem in its integrity and to raise awareness about the importance of the Alps as a habitat for humans being.
Together we can do this much better than if everyone is focused only on its “own” sanctuary.
For 17 years we work together with Alparc in an intensive manner and we are really impressed by its performance and its power of endurance.
It's not easy to develop and disseminate such an Alpine concept especially in regard to the different languages, cultures, mentality and priorities. This is what the work of Alparc makes so sophisticated.
Therefore the commitment of ALPARC is even more important. The network deserves to be able to do its job also in the future with a solid organisational basis for being able to focus on continuity.