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Alexandre MIGNOTTE, Director of CIPRA France

Obviously, ALPARC is a transalpine network of protected areas – the importance of its role is generally recognised throughout the Alps and beyond. I do not think I need to add anything more – it could be taken the wrong way.

[...] Both personally and on behalf of CIPRA France, I am very grateful for all the work that ALPARC has done in highlighting the importance of issues such as transport and habitat in protected areas, but also for having encouraged all areas to compare notes, to share information about lessons learned and programmes – some of which do not get the publicity they deserve. [...]

I am fairly sure I was the first ALPARC intern back in 1997. So I have far more than a purely professional interest in what I believe has been one of the most effective tools – if not the most effective – for implementing the Alpine Convention.

All inhabitants of the Alps are defined by the mountains. Yet the Alps need ALPARC.

The conclusion is pretty simple: everyone who lives in the Alps needs ALPARC.

Alexandre MIGNOTTE, Director of CIPRA France