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Marie HEURET - Project manager bearded vulture

  In a program of reintroduction and conservation of a species that crosses borders such as the bearded vulture, Alparc used its network experience to bring together different Alpine actors, who work for the same purpose ... also if not always in the same direction.
Beyond the mountains, crossing the travel distances and beyond languages a common program of conservation actions is set between Asters, Conservatory of natural areas Haute-Savoie, National Park Vanoise, National Park Ecrins and National Park Mercantour, the Regional Natural Park of Vercors in France, the national parks of Gran Paradiso, the Stelvio, the Regional Natural Park of Alpi Marritime in Italy and the National Park Hohe Tauern in Austria.
Pooling of data to monitor the bearded vulture population over the entire Alpine Arc with a common tool in the international project “Bearded Vulture Monitoring” ( ) is a unique example of collaboration. It was Alparc who established the project in the 2000s, and is promoting the exchanges! And once again it was Alparc who supported an association such as Asters to join the European project for this specie.

With this opportunity to establish a network this time only for a single species, Alparc gave us some height and the possibility to look a little bit further ...