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Christian SCHWOEHRER – Director of ASTERS Conservatory of natural areas in Haute Savoie

 The key words that come to my mind when I think about Alparc are:

  • a dynamic network at the Alpine Arc
  • an actor for the implementation of the Alpine Convention, who provides a permanent presence of all the Alpine protected areas
  • role of experience transfers, managements tools for the benefit of Alpine Protected Areas on different themes as management indicators, biodiversity and climate change, ecological continuum for the Alps, common communication tools ...

The Alpine Network of Protected Areas provides through its rich and diverse work program to discuss different topics as the conservation of open space and Alpine species, sustainable tourism, land use planning and sustainable development.
Each manager of Alpine protected areas can make known their needs and share its initiatives in the knowledge and experiences exchanges with a view up to a local level but also on an Alpine lvel.
Alparc also provides a common visibility of the Alpine protected area network through the implementation of various communication media (as for example the ViViAlp and more recently the Multivision show) and as well with the implementation in practice as the ECONNECT Project (a project that addresses to the challenge of enhancing ecological connectivity between Alpine protected areas). It's already for 15 years, that Alparc proposes a network of protected areas that suggested the 'Trame verte et bleue” not on a national but on the international Alpine level.

For ASTERS, this means the involvement of 9 nature reserves, located in Haute-Savoie, to the Alpine network of protected areas and thanks to the project “reintroduction of the bearded vulture”, which has been discussed in meetings throughout the Alps, the contacts and exchanges made and brought us always something new to our daily work.