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Eco.mont review

Eco.mont, a journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management publishes peer-reviewed articles on research within protected mountain areas and its potential interest for protected area management. Each issue also includes reports on management issues and showcases one protected area.

Eco.mont was founded as a joint initiative of ISCAR and ALPARC, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, IGF and the Innsbruck University, in June 2009.

The jurnal is published twice a year.

Nowadays protected areas are confronted with a double challenge: the conservation of natural resources for future generations on the one hand and the promotion of a reasoned development with positive long-term effects on the other hand.

The research is essential in these processes in order to foster good decision-making. The eco.mont magazine is, thus, considered as a scientific instrument and also very useful for the protected areas’ managers, but at the same time as an informative tool for the visitors, which allows them to understand the professionals’ missions and to begin to adapt their behaviour to participate in a sustainable development themselves.

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The Journal can be ordered as a print version from (D) or as an e-journal at (E).