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Multivision «For the Alps» in DVD and Blu-ray
The Multivision « For the Alps » is now available in Standard DVD and Blu-ray format. Since its creation, the Multivision "For the Alps" is at free disposal for all the alpine protected areas, to be shown in their visitor centers or during local events (high definition data available for…

 Environmental education and awareness-raising targeting the general public (visitors, local residents, schoolchildren, etc.) are two key components in the Alpine protected areas' role.

As part of the ongoing cooperation and discussion between protected areas, a survey of best practices in the Alps has been carried out on the subject of education about the mountain environment and sustainable development.

Within ALPARC, the Joint communication Working Group of the protected areas has expanded its remit to include environmental education as of 2009, and will be known as the "Joint communication and environmental education" Working Group

Pedagogical document
This teaching and information document is a communication tool designed for a range of audiences. It gives a brief overview of nature conservation issues in the Alps, the Alpine Convention, the role of protected areas and related topics. It contains information sheets, slides, more detailed information for teachers, and a set of annexes including brochures, maps and a CD-ROM.
Best practices in environmental education in mountain areas

This document is based on a collection of best practices and experiences in the alpine protected areas. It is regularly updated with new experiences. If you wish to contribute to this work with your own experiences, don't hesitate to contact us:

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