Project InnovAlps 2015-2016



Innovative approaches to regional development in Alpine protected areas

Across the Alps, a great number of protected areas engage in sustainable regional development. Together with other stakeholders, they work on new strategies, projects and products and thereby develop ideas, knowledge and networks in their territories. These experiences can be very valuable for other protected area regions: they can be a source of inspiration, and their exchange can encourage mutual learning. The InnovAlps project wants to support this exchange in order to contribute to a more sustainable regional development in Alpine protected areas.

InnovAlps investigates innovative approaches to regional development. Such strategies and approaches are able to open-up new pathways of economic and social development and trigger regional change. The project looks particularly at the governance behind such initiatives, focusing on actors and partnerships of change.

In order to support the exchange on innovative approaches between protected areas, ALPARC works with three selected pilot regions in Austria, France and Switzerland. Using a bench learning methodology with a series of workshops, regional and local stakeholders from the pilot regions will have the opportunity to present and discuss their approaches to sustainable regional development. As a result, InnovAlps will present a selection of innovative approaches from Alpine protected areas. It will provide lessons on how to generate new ideas, establish an innovative climate and capitalize on experiences from elsewhere in regions of protected areas.

InnovAlps survey

Large or small scale, formal or informal, big budget to small budget – we are looking for new and creative ideas and approaches that promote new pathways for rural development in the Alps, in accordance with nature, landscape and a inhabitants’ quality of life. The approach should be new (to the region), integrate different sectors and competences and be capable of inducing a spirit of change in the regional context. We would like to ask you to take 5 to 10 minutes and complete this survey online. 


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Pilot regions

The three InnovAlps pilot regions below pursue an integrated regional development with innovative approaches. Their organization follows the principles of good governance and they are motivated to exchange on their strategies and projects.


Project details

Focus Regional nature parks
Duration 01/2014 - 10/2016


This project is supported by the Federal Office for the environment FOEN (CH).

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