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 The measure catalogue has been elaborated in the frame of the Ecological Continuum Initiative.

It lists 69 exemplary measures from all Alpine countries that can contribute to the implementation of ecological networks. The measures show how areas or structures can be created, conserved or restored so that they can play a role as connecting elements within an ecological network.

The measure catalogue has been developed as an instrument to be used by the pilot regions of the Continuum and the ECONNECT projects. Nevertheless it can and should be used by other regions and actors in and outside the Alps who want to improve ecological connectivity.

The catalogue gives examples and ideas and practical information such as contact persons and references. Additionally, an evaluation of economic and ecologic aspects has been done for each measure. The catalogue gives also an overview on the sectors and fields that are important when it comes to improving ecological connectivity.

An excel table with summarised descriptions of all measures is part of the catalogue. It can be used as a database in order to select single measures that are suitable for different situations. Macros need to be activated when using the database.

The catalogue is available in Italian language. The excel database exists in English and German language.

More downloads can be found at this link.

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 02:00

Restoring the web of life

ecological network for more biodiversity in the Alps

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In 2004, the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention puts the Alpine Network in charge of preparing a study on the national and transboundary links existing between protected areas. The results will permit to make recommendations for strategies on a large scale and will present possible territorial connections as well as political, national and regional development measures. This study could thus be used as a framework for creation and implementation of an alpine ecological territorial network.

Edited by ALPARC in the collection « Alpensignale » of the Alpine Convention

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Alpine Ecological Network

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Provides an interpretation key for the aerial photos used as the basis for the INTERREG III B HABITALP programme, which is intended to create a map-based transnational spatial database.

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