In 2013 following large protected areas (over 100 ha) were identified in the Alpine area:

  • 13 National parks
  • 87 Regional/Nature parks
  • 288 Nature reserves
  • 13 Biosphere reserves
  • 4 UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites
  • 3 Geological reserves


In total: 400 protected areas (among the most important categories).

But there are also about 600 “special protections” listed (landscape protection, quiet areas, sites classes, etc.), which are often overlapping existing protected areas.

To date, all in all more than 1000 large alpine protected areas are listed. They cover about 25% of the Alpine space (Alpine Convention area).

Statement : November 2013.

Source : " S.I.G. ALPARC 2013"

This list does not claim to be exhaustive. It is updated annually by the team. All additional information and updates are welcome.