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The poster collection "Bilder der Innovation - Images de l'innovation 2016" highlights innovations in regional development in protected areas of the Alps.It presents 17 innovative approaches which were identified in the InnovAlps project (2015-2016) in national and regional/nature parks in France, Switzerland and Austria. A focus lies on innovations in the InnovAlps pilot regions: the regional nature parks Tiroler Lech, Pfyn-Finges and the Baronnies provençales. Obviously, the posters only represent a tiny part of innovations in peripheral areas of the Alps. The collection is thus more a sort of a starting point, providing lots of free space for new posters…
Below you will find the documentation of the final conference of the InnovAlps project (2015-2016): the presentations of ALPARC and the pilot regions, the presentation and a note on a creative technique (German, French) of the external speaker, the graphic designer Jonas Wyssen.
This section includes all the PowerPoint presentations shown during the Workshop « Monitoring biodiversity transformation to document climate change impacts in alpine protected areas”, that  took place from 10th to 11th of September 2014 at Ceresole Reale, Gran Paradiso National Park (IT). Please note that the presentation of Sonja Wipf is not online. If you are interested in the presentation, please contact directly the author at : sonja.wipf (at)