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 Aware of the role young researchers play in the shaping of the future of the Alps, Alpine Convention seeks every year to reward the best master theses of students from different universities from across the Alps, who deal with relevant Alpine topics.

This year’s 4th edition of Young Academics Award is entitled “Sustainable water management in the Alps”: because of the seasonal variations and pollution, water is an endangered resource, but at the same time, it is of crucial importance for people in the Alps.

The particular problems the contest will be focusing on are : conflicting water uses among different sectors, abundance and scarcity of water and efficient water use.

The initiative is lead in collaboration with ISCAR.

Besides the three main prizes, which will be awarded by the Austrian Presidency and the Permanent Secretariat, Alpine Convention’s Infopoints in Domodossola, Gran Paradiso, Morbegno and Tolmin will likewise award the works thematically relevant to their areas. The deadline for applications is May 31st 2018.

You will find more information about the award here.

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The GaYA project aims to increase the quality of democratic processes in the Alpine space by enhancing the inclusion of young people. The first stage of the project focused on an analysis of the situation of participatory democracy and youth participation in the Alpine regions and municipalities. With the support of all the partners, the Institute of Federalism at EURAC carried out a comparative study, including a questionnaire addressed to the Alpine regions (42 out of 48 regions answered) and interviews with 31 cities, towns and rural municipalities. 

A report with the results of this analysis will be presented in a conclusive workshop of the first stage in Bolzano (Italy) on 29th June. During the workshop it will be possible to discuss youth participation, its challenges and good practices in different policy fields with practitioners from different horizons. Please find the programme and the GaYA poster below.

If you are interested in participating in the conference, please contact EURAC at gaya@eurac.edu before June 20

Following the conference, the comparative report will be published and will be available in all Alpine languages by Autumn 2017.

Please, note that we are still searching for official observers who would like to follow more closely the work on the project, notably the upcoming pilot stage. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at: info@alparc.org

Verba Alpina is an international project, directed by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, which aims to assemble dialectal words from official Alpine languages (French, Italian, German, Slovene and Romansh), specific to the Alpine regions regardless of political borders. It was launched in October 2014 and it lasts until the end of September 2017, with the possibility of continuation.

The vocabulary concerned touches mostly natural and cultural heritage, traditional craftsman techniques and ways of life; anyone can register and contribute words from their dialect. The main output of the project is an online platform, complete with database, interactive cartography, scientific articles and methodology. In this way, the data from existing linguistic atlases can be made easily available to the public in an improved, coherent and multidimensional form.

The project is supported by numerous partners, and is mostly intended for the scientific public, but is also easily understandable by the general public thanks to the interactive map.

You can find out more about the project here

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Young people (14-25 years old) tend to leave peripheral Alpine regions due to the lack of personal and professional fulfilment, in particular regarding education and job opportunities as well as social integration. The majority of decision- and policy-makers lack awareness of the needs of young people as well as tools to better integrate them in urban and rural societies.

During the first period of the GaYA project (Governance and Youth in the Alps), ALPARC and the project consortium collected data on democratic and participatory processes across the Alps which particularly focus on youth. The aim is to highlight the best practices of youth participation in a comparative study, which is led by Eurac Research. The results will be officially presented at the international workshop “Democratic Participation in Political Decision-Making: The Involvement of Young Adults in the Alpine Region”, to be held on June 29th 2017 (9.30 am -5.00pm) at Eurac Research in Bolzano (IT).

Regarding the pilot stage following this preliminary study, the pilot site selection process is about to conclude. Overall, the project will implement trainings and pilot actions in 12 pilot sites, i.e. cities, municipalities and regions, in order to spread and exchange knowledge and encourage participation by the younger generations in democratic processes. ALPARC is work package leader in the pilot stage (End 2017-2018).

GaYA runs from November 2016 to February 2019 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme (Total budget: 1.092.748 € - 928.836€ ERDF grant).
For further information, please visit the GaYA website.

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It’s a full-time job for the 12 project partners of the Interreg Alpine Space Project YOUrALPS – Educating youth for the Alps: (re)connecting Youth and Mountain heritage for an inspiring future in the Alps. (2016- 2019).

Since the official launch of the project, which took place during the Kick-off Meeting (January 2017 – Chambéry, France), each work package leader and project partner has been fully involved in structuring project activities to foster and strengthen the Alpine mountain-oriented education sector via concrete international cooperation.

On the one hand the project consortium is laying the foundation for structuring an international network of formal and non-formal education actors under the coordination of the French Network Educ’Alpes. A joint database and web-platform will be the central tool supporting exchanges between stakeholders. The first version of the web-platform will be available by the end of the year.

On the other hand the Innsbruck University Department of Geography is leading the research to gather innovative practices in Mountain-Oriented Education in order to provide an overview of the status quo of existing Mountain-Oriented Education practices in the Alpine countries. A first report of the “Good practices” has been concluded by the VNO and is available on the YOUrALPS website.  In this frame, to identify success factors as well as challenges of “Mountain-Oriented Education”, an Alpine-wide survey addressed to young people has been circulated. We invite all of you to invite young Alpine inhabitants to take part in the survey.

Moreover, 12 YOUrALPS’ pilot sites from all the Alpine countries have been selected.  The pilot sites, a tandem of a school with a protected area, will work jointly during the 2017- 2018 school year in order to provide young people with opportunities to develop their awareness of and sensitivity to the Alpine natural and cultural heritage.

The project consortium will meet in Ljubljana (12- 13 June 2017) for the Project Steering Group Meeting. A “Summer School” addressed to educators & teachers will take place in Slovenia from 28th to 31st August 2017 and will be hosted by the project partner BC Naclo High school.

ALPARC is project leader for YOUrALPS. The Network is responsible for technical and financial management and coordination of project partners’ activities. ALPARC is also responsible for the project communication activities. YOUrALPS lasts from November 2016 to October 2019 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme (Total budget: 2.001.017, 40 € - ERDF grant: 1.615.864, 77 EUR).

YOUrALPS partners:

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•   For further information about the project, please visit the YOUrALPS web site
ALPARC contact: 
Letizia Arneodo Letizia.arneodo@alparc.org
Veronika Widmann  veronika.widmann@alparc.org

•    For further information about the survey please contact:
Attn:  Maximilian Riede Maximilian.Riede@uibk.ac.at Universität Innsbruck - Institut für Geographie


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Conference on "Youth and Governance"

In the frame of the Interreg Alpine Space  projet “GaYA - Governance and Youth in the Alps” a conference

“Democratic Participation at Political Decision-Making: The Involvement of Young Adults in the Alpine Region”

will take place on Thursday, 29th June 2017 (9.30-17.00) at EURAC research , Bolzano/Bozen, Italy.

The final programme and the registration form will be available soon.

For further information please contact EURAC research at greta.klotz[@]eurac.edu




On July 11th 2017, several groups of young people will gather in different places all over the Alps and the Carpathians to share a collective experience in the mountains


Back to Nature in the Mountains

When was the last time you watched the stars in an unpolluted sky, lying on the grass of a mountain valley or summit, with the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and of a river flowing?

A lot of young people may have no answer to this question, because they have never had such an experience. Nowadays, young people are overwhelmed by the need for technologies in a fast-paced society and they hardly ever have the chance to live an authentic experience in a natural environment. Their relationship with nature and the mountains, which is important for their personal growth and fulfilment, is being weakened.  The mountains need young people to be preserved as much as young people need the mountains to rebuild or strengthen that connection with nature.

The international project Youth at the Top aims at improving the connection between young people and nature by bringing them to the mountains to spend a day together and sleep there overnight. For this reason, Youth at the Top is a unique opportunity for young people to experience close contact with the mountain environment, rediscover the power of being a group and the values of active citizenship and solidarity on a common annual date. Youth at the Top is a collective activity with a strong symbolic and imaginative approach. 



Youth at the Top 2017

The 3rd edition of Youth at the Top will be held on Tuesday 11th July 2017 – Wednesday 12th July 2017. We have received registration forms for more than 50 events that will take place simultaneously in different locations. These local events will be set up by protected areas, youth workers, associations, refuges, communities and other mountain actors with the participation of local professionals.


Transnational, cross-border and unifying

The events planned will take place in 6 countries in the Alps (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland) and 3 countries in the Carpathians (Poland, Romania, Slovakia) in a common framework that still leaves plenty of room for local partners to develop their own initiative and creativity. The simultaneity of the events and the common framework will help to create in the young participants not only a sense of belonging to the mountains, but also a sense of being part of a large community with no borders.

Innovation: The Alps in my backpack

As we are constantly looking for innovation this year all the partners involved in the initiative will receive the “The Alps in my backpack” teaching tool. The tool has been designed and developed by the ALPARC Educational Working group on “Mountain-Oriented Education”. For the educators it will be a powerful tool to further promote the international approach of the initiative, foster the sense of community and raise awareness of the natural and cultural Alpine heritage. 


Continuity with Youth at the Top 2016

In 2016 many young people experienced authentic contact with nature by taking part in the 2nd edition of “Youth at the Top”. For the occasion protected areas, associations, mountain actors and other organizations set up more than 40 events in 8 different countries in the Alps and the Carpathians. Their effort in the field of education and in engaging young generations was rewarded with the participation of more than 500 young people who enjoyed different activities in the mountains such as fauna & flora observation, rock painting, land art, writing, wood carving, light painting, storytelling, treasure hunting, stargazing, climbing, solidarity actions and meetings with mountain players.

Young participants from Youth at the Top 2016 are the best testimonials to prove that striking up or renewing the relationship of youngsters with nature is not just necessary and possible, but it is also great fun

For this reason, we invite you to check out the video of YAT 2016 to have a taste of what the previous edition was for them!

anteprima YAT 2016

Have a look at the postcards collection to have an overview of their impressions. 


YOUTH AT THE TOP is a project led by ALPARC, in partnership with Educ’Alpes for France. For this activity ALPARC has the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Principality of Monaco.

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GaYA: Governance and Youth in the Alps



Promoting youth participation for the future of Alpine communities: GaYA


Young people (14-25 years old) tend to leave peripheral Alpine regions due to the lack of personal and professional fulfilment, in particular regarding education and job opportunities as well as social integration. The majority of decision and policy-makers lack awareness on the needs of young people and on tools to integrate them more in local communities.

 In cooperation with eight partners, the Alpine Space project GaYA (Governance and youth in the Alps) aims at increasing the quality of democracy in the Alps while enhancing the capacity of decision and policy-makers to involve citizens, in particular young people as future leaders in local democratic systems. GaYA will test and provide innovative methods and tools for participation and decision-making processes in local communities and create a common framework. This will enable local communities to meet the challenges of social cohesion and regional development in the long run.

 In GaYA, the ALPARC operational unit is work package leader in the pilot action stage (work package 3). The network is in charge of coordinating the implementation of participatory democracy processes in selected pilot sites via the local action plans. Throughout the project, ALPARC provides furthermore support for data collection and analysis on democracy and participatory processes, facilitates knowledge exchange and promotes youth participation in democracy especially in French pilot sites.

 GaYA runs from November 2016 to February 2019 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme (Total budget: 1.092.748 € -  928.836€ ERDF grant).


Project aims

  • To strengthen innovative and participatory democracy
  • To involve youth in decision-making processes
  • To increase national and transnational governance
  • To familiarise youth with complex policies


Main activities

  • Comparative Analysis: Democratic Innovation and Participation
  • Training and Workshops : policy-makers and Youth in Action: mutual learning
  • Local Action Plans of Participation
  • Youth Film Contest



1. A comparative report
2. Participatory toolkit
3. Policy Recommendation


Project partners 

•    Agenzia di Sviluppo GAL Genovese – Developement Agency GAL Genovese
•    CIPRA International Lab
•    Jugendinformationszentrum Vorarlberg aha –  Youth information centre Vorarlberg aha -Tipps & Infos
•    EURAC – European Academy of Bolzano
•    ALPARC – The Alpine Network of Protected Area
•    Parc naturel régional du Massif des Bauges – Bauges Massif Regional Nature Park
•    Muncipality of Idrija
•    Alpine Town of the Year Association - Association Ville des Alpes de l‘année


For further information, please visit the GaYA website.





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Les jeunes générations sont peu conscientes de la valeur et des opportunités offertes par le patrimoine naturel et culturel des Alpes. Il y a un besoin urgent de mieux informer les Jeunes et de les sensibiliser à l’héritage alpin, qui a également beaucoup à offrir en termes d’opportunités économiques et sociales. 

Le projet YOUrALPS- Educating Youth for the Alps: (re)connecting Youth and Mountain heritage for an inspiring future in the Alps (YOUrALPS: Éduquer les Jeunes aux Alpes: (re)connecter les Jeunes et le patrimoine montagnard pour un avenir dynamique dans les Alpes) relève le défi de réconcilier les jeunes et les Alpes. Douze partenaires de projet de 5 pays alpins travaillent ensemble pour développer, structurer le domaine de l’éducation à la montagne (Mountain Oriented Education) et y intégrer les valeurs et les connaissances des montagnes et des Alpes qui sont détaillées dans des mises en pratique mais aussi dans des programmes éducatifs. Grâce à des échanges, des formations, des ateliers et des tests dans des sites pilotes, les partenaires de projet développeront un « modèle d’école alpine ».

Le projet créera de nouvelles opportunités pour les jeunes et augmentera leur engagement sur le territoire alpin, pour mieux prendre part à leur futur. 


YOUrALPS dure de novembre 2016 à octobre 2019 et est co-financé par le Fond européen de développement régional (FEDER) par le biais du programme Interreg Espace Alpin. (Budget total: 2.001.017,40 € – Contribution FEDER: 1.615.864,77 €).


Principaux résultats du projet

  • Une structure de coopération transnationale dédiée à l’éducation à la montagne alpine, qui réunira des écoles et des universités avec des spécialistes de l’éducation non formelle et de la jeunesse. Le réseau sera basé sur une web plate-forme participative et une base de données proposant des ressources, des offres éducatives et des contacts dans le domaine éducatif au niveau alpin. 
  • Un rapport comparatif sur les pratiques innovantes et les stratégies axées sur la montagne dans le domaine éducatif. 
  • Un « modèle d’école alpine ». Le projet développera une approche méthodologique internationale commune basée sur une charte, un label, des outils pédagogiques partagés et des ressources adaptées à différents niveaux éducatifs. Des recommandations aideront les décideurs à transférer et à appliquer le modèle. 


Objectifs spécifiques du projet

  • Promouvoir et renforcer le secteur de l’éducation à la montagne par le biais de la création d’un réseau d’acteurs de l’éducation formelle et non formelle. Les participants au réseau partageront leurs connaissances sur une web plate-forme dédiée à l’éducation à la montagne.
  • Donner aux jeunes l’opportunité de développer leurs connaissances et leur sensibilité au patrimoine naturel et culturel des Alpes. Des scolaires et étudiants partenaires seront impliqués dans le développement du modèle et participeront activement aux actions du projet et aux ateliers transalpins. Les élèves et étudiants des établissements pilotes bénéficieront de l’expérimentation du modèle éducatif de « l’école alpine ».
  • Renforcer l’intégration de l’éducation à la montagne dans les programmes éducatifs du système scolaire et promouvoir une identité culturelle alpine transnationale par le biais du développement, du test sur le territoire et de la validation d’un modèle opérationnel transalpin commun : le « modèle d’école alpine ».


En savoir plus : http://www.alpine-space.eu/projects/youralps/en/home

Contact : Veronika Widmann veronika.widmann[@]alparc.org


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Les inscriptions sont ouvertes pour le cours proposé par l’association Interpret Europe ayant lieu du 8 au 12 Mai 2017. Le cours se tiendra dans la Ferme sur le Parc, à Venasque, Vaucluse.

Le cours Guide Interprétatif Certifié (Certified Interpretive Guide, CIG) , est destiné aux guides et professionnels qui veulent améliorer leur compétences  dans l’interprétation du patrimoine à travers l’approche porté par l’association Interpret Europe .Il permettra aux participants de bénéficier  d’un outil extrêmement utile pour animer le public et donner de la vie au patrimoine. Le cours se déroulera  à Venasque : un endroit est entouré du patrimoine naturel et culturel, des vergers, vignobles et cabanes anciennes en pierre, de quoi vous donner de l’inspiration ! La formation utilise une méthodologie d’apprentissage testée, basée sur des exercices pratiques, menées individuellement et en groupe cela permet à chaque participant de développer ses talents progressivement jour par jour. Le cours est encadré par un entraîneur certifié, Sandy Colvine.

Pour s’enregistrer au cours merci de remplir le formulaire en ligne
Pour plus de renseignement merci de télécharger la fiche ci-dessous :

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