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CIPRA Annual Conference 2017 : "The Alps as a Water Trough"

Thursday, 28 September 2017
  • Date 10-12/10/2017
  • Place European Academy, Bolzano/Bozen
  • Country Austria
  • Organisation CIPRA

CIPRA Annual Conference 2017 is organized by CIPRA Austria and will take place in the European Academy in Bozen/Bolzano on from the 10th to 12th October.

The most precious resource of the Alps is limited. Water resource is at he heart of the Alpine economy : agriculture, tourism, nature, landscape and energy production. In the frame of the International Year of Water Co-Operation, CIPRA will be giving centre stage to the responsibility for the blue gold of the Alps.

During the three days there will be the meeting of CIPRA International Delegates, public events and field trips.

For more information, programme and registration, please consult CIPRA website.