We have already talked about it last autumn ; the film “Bearded vulture and men” makes its way. It won the first price at the “Festival de l’insolite Vendée Nature 2013” in the wildlife documentary film category.

It’s the fifth reward for this film since the beginning after Albert in Somme (Fr), Rabat (Maroc),Ya’an (China) and Matsalu (Finland). The film is still currently broadcasted on Montagne TV in France and in many other countries (Canada, Austria, Korea…). Numerous projections are still organized for the public through Tourist offices, regional and national parks and film festivals. The next ones will be “Silences du Ventoux” 17th July and Natural history museum of Geneva in autumn. 

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 02:00

Lynx in the Alps

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 02:00

The Alps : a unique natural heritage

Brochure: The Alps : a unique natural heritage - A common vision for the conservation of their biodiversity

A brochure focused on the extraordinary biodiversity found in the Alps with descriptions classified under different thematic headings. It also highlights man's impact on that biodiversity and strategies for protecting high-priority areas in the Alps. The brochure is the result of the WWF's work in conjunction with the Network of Alpine Protected Areas, CIPRA and ISCAR. 

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This thematic brochure was elaborated in the framework of the cooperation project with the CNPA, as a result of the international colloquium "Large carnivores: management, research and public relation strategies of the protected areas" in the Nizke Tatry National Park / Slovakia (2nd - 4th July 2009).

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In 2004, the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention puts the Alpine Network in charge of preparing a study on the national and transboundary links existing between protected areas. The results will permit to make recommendations for strategies on a large scale and will present possible territorial connections as well as political, national and regional development measures. This study could thus be used as a framework for creation and implementation of an alpine ecological territorial network.

Edited by ALPARC in the collection « Alpensignale » of the Alpine Convention

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Alpine Ecological Network

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Describes the objectives, proposed methods and initial guidelines for cooperation with regard to information about and management of flora in the Alpine protected areas.

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I Fogli dell'Orso

Special number of the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta's newsletter, concerning the "Large carnivores working group" meeting and "Danilo Re Seminar" in Mittersill - Hohe Tauern National Park / A

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ALPARC (le Réseau Alpin des Espaces Protégés) et le Parc naturel régional Adamello Brenta, dans le cadre des activités du groupe de travail “Grands prédateurs”-ALPARC, invitent tous les espaces protégés alpins à participer activement à cette enquête en remplissant le questionnaire ci-dessous. Le but est de recenser toutes les actions de conservation des grands prédateurs (ours brun, loup et lynx) en cours ou en projet dans les espaces protégés.

Les données collectées (le questionnaire consiste en 6 questions qui peuvent être remplies très rapidement, toutefois, chaque argumentaire en plus sera le bienvenu !) seront analysées et organisées au sein du groupe de travail. L’échange d’expériences et la promotion d’une coopération transalpine efficace représentent les lignes directrices de ce groupe de travail. Les résultats de cette enquête vous seront communiqués par ALPARC, et il se peut qu’ils puissent donner lieu à la mise en place de nouveaux projets.

Merci donc de bien vouloir compléter le questionnaire que vous trouverez ci-dessous et de l’envoyer à orso@pnab.it avec copie à info@alparc.org avant le 30/09/2010.

Merci beaucoup pour votre collaboration!

Buon lavoro!

ALPARC et le Parc naturel Adamello Brenta

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